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★★★★★ A 5-star Review from one of our clients

“Sean helped me tremendously and went above and beyond.wouldnt use any other attorney.”
Danny V. | Facebook

I appreciate this review and am glad that I was able to help.  It is gratifying to know that my efforts have satisfied my clients.

This is a good time to discuss what I do as a personal injury lawyer on a claim.  Once we meet with a client, we set up the file.  This includes notifying the insurance company about our representation and finding out the insurance limits.  At the same time, I investigate the accident and make sure that liability is secure.  I then work on making sure the client’s medical treatment is progressing properly.  I make sure that the client is treating with the right type of doctors.  I make sure that the client is not missing appointments and has had an MRI.  At the conclusion of the treatment, or at a point when I know the insurance policy will be maxed out, I prepare a demand.  In the demand, I list all the the reasons for liability.  I list all of the injuries, the treatment, the finding on the MRI, the medical bills, the out of pocket expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.  I then submit this demand to the insurance company and give them 30 days to respond.  I then attempt to negotiate a settlement.  If they tender the full amount of the insurance, that concludes the case.  If there is another layer of insurance coverage such as UM, I then submit the demand to that carrier.  If they tender, then that claim ends.  If they offer less than the full amount, I attempt to negotiate a resolution.

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