About Jonathon W. Douglas

A true Florida native, Mr. Douglas graduated from Northeast High School in St. Petersburg before attending the University of Florida where he earned Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, both with Honors. From there, Mr. Douglas attended Stetson University College of Law where he learned and practiced the art of trial advocacy. Before graduating, Jonathon clerked for the Honorable Shawn Crane and interned at the State Attorney’s Office and Public Defender’s Office. After graduation, he began his work as an Assistant Public Defender for the Sixth Judicial Circuit and then moved on to defending the rights of the accused in State and Federal Courts as an associate with the Hebert Law Group. While at the Hebert Law Group, Jonathon defended high profile and nationally televised cases.

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Hit & Run Five Star Review

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"September of 2018, I was involved in a hit & run. The local sheriff’s department never placed the witnesses information in the report & the video footage at the local business was not able to obtain a visual of the truck that hit me, & drove off. Jonathan Douglas, took my case when most attorneys would not even look at it. Jonathan and his team, treated me like family and were with me every step of the way. Because of his determination, fight, and no nonsense communication with the insurance company, we were able to reach a settlement for my medical injuries; placing money in my pocket. I cannot say thank you enough to Jonathan, Taylor, & the rest of his team. When you have this law firm on your team and in your corner, you are not just a client or case for them, you become family. From someone that works in the auto accident industry, I have rarely come across an attorney that treats his clients like Jonathan does. He works the case from every possible angle as if it were his own case." ~Shaun H. | Google

Will Preexisting Conditions Impact My Personal Injury Case?

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Oftentimes we have clients that come to our office with preexisting conditions. That means that they have an injury that preexisted this particular injury that they're in our office for. And they always ask, is that going to impact my case? Well, the answer is of course, yes, but it does not nullify a claim for personal injuries. Essentially what the argument is and the way we move forward is that the accident, auto accident and motorcycle accident, uh, made worse a preexisting injury. Essentially it exacerbated a preexisting condition for which recovery is absolutely lawful. Uh, the, the ultimate [...]

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

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One of the big questions we often get at our law firm is do I have a case? And that applies to auto accidents, trip and fall, slip and fall, medical malpractice, and any sort of personal injury.

What Can St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas Do for Me?

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St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys Sean McQuaid and Jonathon Douglas take pride in helping their clients in their time of need.