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Pinellas County has a staggering amount of car accidents every year. According to FLHSMV (Florida Highway and Motor Vehicles), in 2017, there were 17,968 reported car accidents. Out of those accidents, there were 11,107 reported injuries. These figures only represent reported accidents. There is no data on how many more car accidents and injuries occurred that could not be tracked among the FLHSMV data. Pinellas Park is one of the most dangerous areas in Pinellas County for car accidents. As a Pinellas Park car accident lawyer, I have personally handled more car accidents that occurred in Pinellas Park at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of the county. The reasons for the high number of car accidents in Pinellas Park will be explored in more detail in this article.

Pinellas Park is Centrally Located

Pinellas Park is virtually centrally located within Pinellas County. Because of this geography, commuters must pass through Pinellas Park at least twice daily. The people that pass through Pinellas Park do not live there are sometimes not as respectful of the traffic laws and other motorists. Many of the cars are in a rush to get to work on time or to get home to beat rush hour traffic. These cars traveling at high speeds also leads to more accidents.

Pinellas Park is Densely Populated

Pinellas County is the most densely populated county in Florida and Pinellas Park is one of the most densely populated parts of it. Due to this congestion of people, there are more opportunities for car accidents to occur.

There is a lot of pedestrian traffic in Pinellas Park

Contributing to the number of accidents are the number of pedestrians in Pinellas Park. The highest concentration of pedestrians in on 34th St N or US 19 near the Wawa. It is unbelievable to see people on foot or on a bike in that area at all hours of the day and night. Because of all of the pedestrians on or around the roadways, there are a greater number of accidents with cars. Unfortunately, most of these pedestrian/car accidents result in serious injuries or death.

Dangerous Roads in Pinellas Park

A major factor in the high number of accidents in Pinellas Park is the number of roadways and intersections throughout the city. I have noted many of the areas that I have personally seen more car accidents than the average.

The intersection of US 19 and Park Blvd is always full of car accidents. It is a heavily traveled area and vehicles are moving at a higher speed there. There also is a high concentration of pedestrian traffic moving in and out of The Shoppes at Park Place. In fact, the entrance into Park Place off of US 19 is not well designed and is very confusing.

Another dangerous intersection in Pinellas Park is Park Blvd and 66th St. N. This is a massive intersection with extremely high traffic volume. It is often the scene of numerous car accidents.

Yet another dangerous area is Bryan Dairy Rd and US 19. For some reason, there are a lot of issues with the volume of traffic passing through this intersection. I am constantly getting calls from people seeking a car accident lawyer after an accident in this area.

Finally, although traffic does not move at high speed along 49th St. N., there are always accidents along this road. There are so many cross streets and intersections along 49th St. N. that cars inevitably pull into the road and cause accidents. Fortunately, most of these car accidents are at lower speeds.

Truck Traffic in Pinellas Park

Another reason for the high numbers of car accidents in Pinellas Park is the number of trucks moving through the area. Many tractor trailers pass through US 19 and on Park Blvd to get to other destinations with their cargo. These large, slow moving vehicles are not always familiar with the are and are prone to causing accidents with cars.

Pinellas Park Car Accident Lawyer

As a Pinellas Park car accident lawyer for the past 20 years, I am intimately familiar with the roads, the police, the medical providers and the people. My office is less than ten minutes away from Pinellas Park and I have personally traveled virtually every roadway in the area. My office is familiar with how to handle Pinellas Park car accidents. Our lawyers are connected with medical treatment providers in Pinellas Park that offer excellent patient care and are reasonable with their billing practices. If you live in Pinellas Park or were injured in a car accident in Pinellas Park, we offer free consultations. If you do not have a car or are too injured to come to the office, we are more than happy to visit you at your home.

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