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Personal Injury Law

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publix slip and fall video footage release

When Can I See the Video of My Accident at Publix?

If you are in Florida and have an accident at Publix, there will likely be a video of the incident. All Publix grocery stores have closed-circuit cameras for purposes of theft prevention and to record any type of injury incident. Many

animal exclusions in insurance policies

Beware of Hidden Dog and Animal Exclusions in Insurance Policies

According to reports, approximately one-third of all claims against homeowners insurance policies are a result of injuries sustained from a dog or other animals. Historically, these claims were mostly dog bites because the law imposes strict liability on owners. However, as a personal injury attorney

florida personal injury

How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida Works for You

There are thousands of personal injury lawyers in Florida with different styles and techniques, but they all generally perform the same tasks, albeit at different levels of service and competence. If you are out of state and looking for a personal injury in

car accident damage

How to Find a St. Pete Car Accident Lawyer Online

Using the internet to find a lawyer can be challenging for anyone, especially those who may not be experienced in legal searches or have not hired a lawyer before. There are ads everywhere, promises about what the lawyer can do,

what makes a top injury lawyer in st pete

What Makes a Top Injury Lawyer in St. Pete?

The following tips, on how to find a top injury lawyer in St. Pete, are intended to assist potential clients in making the correct choice of a lawyer. Lawyers who handle car accidents cases and other personal injury matters all have different backgrounds and

car accident neck injury

Types of Treatment Following a Car Accident

If you have been injured in a car accident, there are certain levels of medical treatment that you may receive. Each level of treatment corresponds with the severity of the injury and the pain levels of the injured person. Often, after hiring

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