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Premises Liability Law

Category: Premises Liability Law

what to do if you have been injured at a business

What is a Premises Liability Case?

Many of our clients are injured while on property owned by another. When you or a loved one is injured on property owned by another, this can give rise to a premises liability type of case. The basic idea behind a premises liability case stems from the

have you been injured from a trip and fall accident at walmart

WalMart Loses an Appeal Over a Trip and Fall in Florida

People injured from a trip and fall on Walmart property received an important legal victory by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals on March 20, 2019. After Walmart convinced a trial court judge in Broward County to dismiss a trip and fall personal

what is the value of a scar in a personal injury case

How Much is a Scar Worth in a St. Petersburg Injury Case?

I encounter cuts and scars in many personal injury cases in St. Petersburg. Scars occur in almost every type of case from car accidents to motorcycle accidents to slip and falls. There is no set formula for insurance companies to determine the value of a scar

school zone accidents are all too common

Pinellas County School Zone Accidents

According to recently released statistics, approximately 25,000 children are injured in some manner nationwide in school zone accidents every year. The accidents occur from a combination of pedestrians being struck while walking or cycling as well as vehicle collisions. It is estimated that 100

support survivors and end sexual violence

Sexual Abuse in the Media

It seems like every week there is another national headline involving some sort of sexual abuse or sexual harassment issue. By now, we have likely all heard and know about the #metoo movement, the website former Attorney General of Florida, Pam Bondi

publix slip and fall video footage release

When Can I See the Video of My Accident at Publix?

If you are in Florida and have an accident at Publix, there will likely be a video of the incident. All Publix grocery stores have closed-circuit cameras for purposes of theft prevention and to record any type of injury incident. Many

animal exclusions in insurance policies

Beware of Hidden Dog and Animal Exclusions in Insurance Policies

According to reports, approximately one-third of all claims against homeowners insurance policies are a result of injuries sustained from a dog or other animals. Historically, these claims were mostly dog bites because the law imposes strict liability on owners. However, as a personal injury attorney

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