Case Result


My client was headed to work shortly after 9am on 58th St. N.  He entered the intersection of 58th St. N and 22nd Ave N in St. Petersburg.  Another car ran a red light, smashed into his bumper and careened off into two other cars.  The at fault vehicle wound up in a ditch.  The St. Petersburg Police Department responded to the scene.  They issue a ticket to the at fault driver for running the red light.


My client reported to Mease Hospital in Dunedin.  He was diagnosed with a fractured wrist and surgery was performed.  He also began experiencing neck and back problems and sought the help of a chiropractor.  His medical bills were quite high because of the surgery.

Settlement of the Car Accident Claim:

The at fault driver carried $25,000 in insurance coverage and that was tendered.  My client had an additional $10,000 in Underinsured Motorist coverage, and we were able to recover that as well.  Many of his bills were written off or reduced.  Even though $35,000 was not much money compared to his injuries, I was able to make sure that his bills were paid and he got money in his pocket.