Case Result


Our client was heading East on 54th Ave. N. in St. Petersburg when he was hit from behind by a dump truck. His car was deemed a total loss. The driver of the dump truck was cited for careless driving by the St. Petersburg Police Department.


Our client felt immediate pain to his back and neck and went to an Urgent Care. They took x-rays and prescribed him ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer.

Medical Treatment:

I was hired immediately, so we were able to get him to good doctors who handle auto accident cases. We referred him to a chiropractor near his home. he started his therapy and was sent out for MRIs. The results of the MRIs showed that he had a disc herniation with tear in his neck and two herniations to his thoracic spine (middle of his back). When chiropractic treatment and physical therapy was not working, he was referred to a pain management doctor. Our client was given a medial branch block that gave him some relief. he was recommended for more invasive procedures, but declined.

The Settlement:

The dump truck carried bodily injury insurance. We sent out the demand and settled for $92,500. our client was pleased with the results of the case and we were happy to be able to pay all of his bills and have plenty of money left over for him for what he went through.