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Feeling Shoulder Pain After a Car Accident?

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If you recently experienced a car accident and are now suffering from shoulder pain, contact McQuaid & Douglas to ensure your legal rights remain protected.

Social Media Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

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Mentioning any details of your personal injury case on social media before your case is settled can have negative consequences.

Settlement Reached for a Victim of an Auto Accident

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CASE DETAILS The Case: CLIENT INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENT The Injuries: Neck, Back, Shoulder Case Result: Settlement reached in favor of our client Accident Location: Lakewood Drive, Hillsborough County, Florida CASE SUMMARY On February 8, 2020, our client was traveling northbound on Lakewood Drive in the right through lane in Hillsborough County. He stopped his vehicle for traffic. The driver of a Ford F150 pickup truck carelessly collided into the rear end of his vehicle going 30mph. The impact from the truck was so forceful that it caused our client's car to rotate clockwise and collide with another vehicle in [...]