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Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

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Electric Scooter Accident Attorney

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E-Scooter Accidents

E-Scooters have hit the streets of Florida and people are getting hurt. Sadly, the riders of the e-scooters are the ones who get seriously injured. Broken bones and head injuries are the norm, not the exception. The reality is that e-scooter riders are unprotected, usually don’t have on helmets, and are no match for a car. Cars are not used to sharing the roads with e-scooters, thus increasing the likelihood of an accident.

If you have been hit by a car while riding an e-scooter, we can help. Unlike most electric scooter accident attorneys, we have used e-scooters and are familiar with how they operate. We know how to set up an insurance claim, get the medical bills handled, and then maximize the compensation for our clients.

At Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, we pride ourselves on being up to speed with all technological trends. E-scooters, e-bikes, and even e-skateboards are here and we realize that our clients will need our help. Our firm has been helping injured people for over 60 years and we would be honored to be of service to you too. Should you find yourself the victim of an unfortunate accident, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

E-scooters Accidents

Steps After an E-scooter Accident

While you are at the E-scooter accident scene, make sure you screenshot the history of the ride. Do not rely on the app to properly record the trip for you. Next, make sure that the incident is reported to the police. One of the most important factors in an e-scooter accident is to document what happened. Therefore, while you are on scene, take pictures of any damage. Take pictures of the driver of the car. Tale pictures of any visible injuries. Once the incident is documented and the officer has given you the insurance information for the car, you are much better protected.

Once you have left the scene, getting immediate medical care is a priority. In most accident cases, the scooter operator is transported to a hospital, but if that is not necessary, then go to an urgent care or walk in clinic. Insurance companies will devalue your claim unless you see a doctor immediately.

Once the above steps have been completed, you will need to notify both the at-fault car’s insurance and the scooter company. While there is little that the scooter company will do to help you, at least they can get the damage to their scooter covered so that you are not on the hook. Once you set up these claims, you can provide the information to your lawyer.

How Are Medical Bills Paid After an E-scooter Accident?

The bad news is that the scooter company is not responsible to pay your medical bills (unless you can prove it was a defect in the e-scooter that causes the accident). There is a specific provision in the user agreement that disclaims their responsibility for your injuries. Thus, you must look for other sources to pursue for the payment of your medical bills.

If you were struck by a car and had auto insurance, you will qualify for PIP insurance. PIP, or no fault, will pay up to $10,000 of your medical bills. If you do not own a car, but live with a relative who does, you can get PIP that way too. Lastly, if you do not own a car and do not live with a relative who does, you can qualify for PIP through the insurance company for the car that hit you. So, the chances are good that there will be money available for you to have your bills paid.

For any bills that you incur over the PIP limits, you must look to other sources. First, you must make a claim on the Bodily Injury (BI) insurance that is carried by the at-fault car. If the car does not carry BI or there is not enough BI to cover your losses, you must then look at your own auto insurance coverage. If you carry Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage, you will be able to make a claim on your own policy.

These issues about insurance coverages are complicated and we recommend that you speak to an attorney or you will undoubtedly get confused and may miss something.

E-scooter Accident Attorney

How Much Does an E-scooter Accident Attorney Charge?

All personal injury attorneys charge on a contingency basis. This means that you are charged a percentage of the total money that is recovered for you. The standard fee is 33%. You never have to put any money down, pay for costs out of pocket, or make payments. All of the money is paid by the insurance company. The best part of the deal is that if no money is recovered, you do not owe your lawyer anything. This makes the hiring of a lawyer to pursue your claim no risk to you.

Should I Speak to the Insurance Company?

Yes, you should set up the claim and tell them what happened. This can be done within a day or two after the accident. But, during the call, you should not go into detail about your injuries. You also should not give a recorded statement without a lawyer present. Once you hire an e-scooter lawyer, he or she will take over all of the communication with the insurance companies.

What Types of Cases Don’t You Handle?

If you are at fault for the accident, we cannot help you. Our cases are against insurance policies based on negligence, so if you were driving recklessly or carelessly, a claim is not possible. We also do not take cases when a defect in the road or sidewalk caused you to fall. These are difficult cases to prove because you will be partially to blame for driving over an unsafe area. You should also be aware that cases involving faulty brakes or other defective conditions on the e-scooter are very difficult. The e-scooter companies have cracked down on these claims. For defective e-scooter claims, you have the e-scooter inspected by an expert and the defect verified. If you have a question about a claim, we will be happy to listen and give you an opinion.

Contact an E-scooter Accident Attorney

We understand how serious e-scooter accident cases are. You might have been out with your friends downtown and in an instant wound up in the hospital. There truly aren’t many lawyers who understand how to handle the cases. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the insurance companies are also inexperienced in dealing with them. So, you might get passed around and frustrated trying to get answers.

If you have questions or need help, please contact us for a consultation. We believe that you will quickly realize that we know what we are talking about and can be trusted with your case.


I was involved in an accident in Bradenton, not even the St. Pete area! I was hit by a large truck, injured and my truck totaled! Mr. McQuaid was extremely helpful, from everything to follow ups, keeping me informed, making sure I had what I needed. He definitely looks out for his clients and has their best interest in mind! He made me feel very comfortable, and was genuinely concerned with my health and well being! He even went over and above a few times to help me! His staff is just as professional and helpful as he was! I give him and his staff a standing ovation! Thank you for all your help and everything you did to help and take care of me and my case! I know who I'm calling with any future issues that I need handled in a prompt and professional manor! Thank you again for all your help!read more
Sister Sara
15:15 19 Sep 19
I am happy to recommend Sean McQuaid to others who are looking for a car accident attorney. My family and I were injured in a car accident when visiting St. Petersburg. Mr. McQuaid was extremely knowledgeable and assisted us with every step along the way. We were very pleased with the results given the circumstances.
Chester Fun
23:06 02 Sep 19
I'm very happy that I chose Mr. McQuaid to represent me after the car accident. This was my first time dealing with this sort of problem and didn't know exactly where to start, but Mr. McQuaid stepped in and pointed me in the right direction. He set me up with all the necessary medical appointments and got the ball rolling. He handled all the paperwork and kept me updated. He is very professional and I highly advise anyone who needs a great Attorney to choose Mr. McQuaid.
Richard Drude
16:31 27 Aug 19
I love mcquaid hes been my attorney for years now. He is great with solving cases and hes good with working with his client's best interests hes a real deal big dog!!! I love them and I would refer everyone that needs a criminal or personal injury lawyer to mcquaid!!
Hynita Mitchell
13:52 26 Aug 19
I was injured in a car accident a couple of years ago. The woman who rear-ended me had minimal insurance coverage, so it was not enough to cover the costs of care I needed due to my injures. I had a severe neck injury and injured both of my TM joints. I suffered from major headaches and neck pain. Despite my treating doctors indicating that I have permanent injures, my own auto insurer refused the demand for my own underinsured motorist coverage. As a result of the denial by my insurance company, Mr. Douglas filed suit on my behalf. He and his staff were wonderful to work with. They were super responsive and walked me through the entire process. He was able to obtain a good settlement for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Douglas, and his law firm.read more
Laurel Harris
21:14 03 Aug 19
Great experience as always, Sean expedited my settlement with speed and professionalism while keeping me informed the whole time couldn't ask for anything more I highly recommend their services
Daniel Huddleson
20:02 26 Jun 19
Sean and his whole team are great! Very knowledgeable, professional, and most of all honest. This was my first time being in a situation like this and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Once hired, I was at ease throughout the whole process knowing Sean was in my corner and fighting for me. Always keeping me in the loop of what was going on as well as being a straight shooter, with tons of experience and insight, allowed me to be able to make the best decisions for me and my family. Would definitely recommend!
Kevin Frye
20:32 12 May 19
Thank You Sean McQuaid, Suzanne Sanchez and Sandy Calvert for being so professional and personal. It felt like I was going to talk to a family member. You have a Top Notch Firm. My everyone be BLESSED.
Lorraine Johnsommitchell
04:33 09 May 19
My attorneys Sean McQuaid and Jonathon Douglas were always the most professional, caring, and compassionate legal team to me. They represented me impeccably because they got to know me personally, thus they were able to relay my injuries and truly speak on my behalf and all that I had been through. I would highly recommend them.
Julia Withrow
20:10 24 Mar 19
I could honestly say with confidence that this is the best law firm in Saint Petersburg! Sean and his firm work as a team to make sure they take care of you personally, and financially. They where very accommodating from the first day. They consistently kept me updated through the process and answered any questions I had either same day or the next. In addition, they where able to cut hospital and doctors bills nearly in half creating more money for my pocket. 10/10!
Mazen Khalil
15:46 12 Mar 19
I would like to thank Johnathon Douglas, Suzanne Sanchez and Sandy Calvert for their outstanding work on my recent auto accident case. I was so impressed with their attention to every detail to make sure there was the very best possible outcome in the case. They were always so quick to respond to every email containing my list of questions and recommended excellent physicians for my care. I highly recommend this firm if you ever need any type of legal assistance. They are all top notch people and wonderful to have on your side!
Laura Guest
02:47 05 Mar 19
Sean McQuaid and his paralegal Suzanne Sanchez handled my personal injury case with compassion, expertise and excellence. I was more than pleased with the outcome and couldn’t have had a more competent team! I recommend Sean and Suzanne for anyone that is looking for personal injury legal assistance. Thank you, Sean and Susanne!
Leslie Driscoll
22:43 12 Feb 19
Sean McQuaid is the best. I'm able to sleep at night anytime he's handling any one of my legal matters. He answers your questions and returns phone calls promptly (once while he was on vacation with his family). Thank you Sean.
Marilyn Lewis
23:08 31 Jan 19
Seasoned professionals capable of handling any level of business/personal endeavor to their client's satisfaction. The ONLY law firm I call or recommend. Sean McQuaid is our go-to lawyer for all of my family's needs over the past two decades - he gets results.
jay johnson
22:58 31 Jan 19
I recently was involved in a motorcycle accident and I immediately contacted Johnathan Douglas . He was very prompt and moved quikly to set up medical advisors that were able to help me. Johnathan was there every step of the way, sometimes on a daily basis. Johnathan is very passionate about his work and is second to none and is very professional. He was able to reach a settlement in my case that I was vey pleased with. I would highly recommend Johnathan to anyone that needs the best representation for your particular needs and he deserves a 5 star rating for sure. Trust me Johnathan will not disappoint.read more
Gene Maxwell
19:37 27 Jan 19
We would like to thank McQuaid & Douglas for the best possible settlement in my husband's Personal Injury case.During this difficult time Sean and Suzanne were there for us through every step of the process. Anytime we had questions or needed updates on the case they quickly responded. We highly recommend them!
Jennifer Rice
16:23 13 Dec 18
Iam very satisfied with my lawyer, Sean McQuaid. He was well informed and smart. He was also helpful and kind. I highly recommend him!
Lubna Hameed
20:13 03 Nov 18
Awesome attorney! Sean McQuaid had my charge dropped. He was on top of every detail. Great experience. Will definetly go to him in a heartbeat if I ever have any legal matters. Will recommend to family/friends.
Brittany 8189
19:58 16 Oct 18
Jonathon Douglas is an amazing attorney. There is no question that Jonathon and his team deserve a 5 star rating. They worked tirelessly to get a great result for me.
Joshua Hale
18:08 07 Sep 18
Jonathon Douglas was there for me and my family in our time of need. If you are looking for an attorney who gets results, look no further. I highly recommend Jonathon.
Bjorn Erickson
18:06 07 Sep 18
Attorney Jonathon Douglas has always been a valuable resource to all things legal for me and my family. However, legal expertise is not the only attribute that defines this lawyer. He has that additional quality of a humane perspective that isn't taught or learned, it's innate. You can find any attorney on the web or TV, but few will cut to the core of your needs as adeptly and compassionately as Jonathon.
ben boyle
15:18 05 Sep 18
I was recently in a car accident and contacted St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney Jonathon Douglas. The very next day, he got things rolling and put me in touch with medical providers who really helped me. Jonathon was able to quickly move my case forward and reach a settlement that I was very happy with. I would recommend Jonathon Douglas to anyone and everyone.
Scott James
20:54 24 Aug 18
Definitely A five star attorney and very professional Randy M Harris
Randy Harris
20:21 29 Jul 18
If you want and need a great attorney that knows and cares, Sean McQuaid would be the person you want on your side. He shoots straight from the hip with no guessing games. Gets the job done in your favor! Thank you Mr McQuaid!
McMillan's Appliance Plus LLC
17:35 06 Jul 18
If you're looking for a excellent attorney look no further, Sean is hands down the BEST. I've used him several times he has ALWAYS exceeded my expectations. He's very well known and respected amongst the Pinellas country courts, Sean will truly go to bat for you when it matters. Most importantly he's a lawyer with honesty and integrity would HIGHLY recommend to anybody in need.
Dan Tellone
15:44 25 Jun 18
He did a great job I would use him as my lawyer in the future if needed and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thanks for everything you did for me I appreciate everything! King
Carrie King
03:19 17 Feb 18
Sean McQuaid is an amazing attorney. He has worked with me on 2 cases. Both of which I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. During the entire process, he always kept me up to date and was easy to get ahold of. If I had questions, he would always get back to me right away. He made going through a difficult time much less stressful. And for that I am truly grateful.
Alicia Liberatore
04:58 08 Dec 17
Sean McQuaid and his team where extremely professional and very forthcoming. His response time to requests is impeccable. He is fair, very compassionate and very thorough. He was very protective of myself and my care. He followed through weekly and often daily with my physicians to ensure I received the best care. Thank you, Sean for such an amazing outcome to what was a very difficult time in my life.
Jennifer Fintz
15:51 17 Nov 17
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