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$1,000 Pinellas County High School Scholarship (2019)

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In an effort to assist local Pinellas County High School Seniors and increase awareness of the dangers of auto accidents in Pinellas County, St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas are proud to announce they will be awarding a scholarship to one local High School Senior this spring. McQuaid & Douglas will select a High School Senior from Pinellas County, FL, to be awarded a $1,000 scholarship to help with tuition or other school-related costs. Applications for the scholarship can be printed and mailed or submitted on the website, where applicants must also upload a maximum 500-word essay that [...]

The State of Florida Launches a Distracted Driver Awareness Program

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As a personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg, I see daily the dangers of distracted drivers. I have countless clients who come to me after being injured by drivers and are angry that the law does not provide more serious penalties for the careless or reckless actions of the other driver. Anyone heading to work in the morning in St. Petersburg or anywhere in Pinellas County has certainly observed distracted drivers. From the men who shave with electric razors while driving, to women who put on make up while behind the wheel, to the host of problems that arise with [...]

Car Accident Induced Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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After a car accident, many people and many medical providers for that matter are focused on the most emergent of injuries. These injuries include broken bones, cuts, lacerations, and other injuries which require immediate attention. However, what happens if an auto accident causes an injury that is difficult to immediately or visually observe? Car accidents and motorcycle accidents are one of the top producers of what are known as Traumatic Brain Injuries. Many people don’t realize that a concussion is classified as a Traumatic Brain Injury. We’ve seen the news coverage increase over recent years related to concussions and their [...]

Auto Accident Fatalities are on the Rise

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America is facing an unsettling statistic, accident fatalities behind the wheel of a car at an all-time high over the past decade. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its latest report indicating car accidents killed 37,461 people in 2016, which is up 5.6% from 2015. This is part of a dire trend which has seen fatalities increase every year since the all-time low of 32,744 in 2014. How could this be though? Vehicle safety features are better than ever and self-driving cars have begun to hit the roadways, so one would think that the stat would be [...]

Troubling Statistics About Accidents in St. Petersburg

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Over a mere 5 year period between 2011 and 2015, the total number of all crashes on the roads of St. Petersburg, including the number of injury crashes, increased every year according to data released by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. DHSMV pooled all of the crash-related incidents investigated by the St. Petersburg Police Department and found that the number of crashes involving motorcycles, trucks, cars and bicycles almost doubled from 2011 to 2015! The statistics are as follows: Total Number of Motorcycle, Truck, Car and Bicycle Crashes: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2746 3600 4322 [...]