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Do Pre-Existing Injuries Prevent You from Making a Personal Injury Claim?

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The term “pre-existing injury” is used to describe an injury which pre-existed the accident for which we are representing our client.

Do I Still Have an Injury Case Even Though My X-Rays at the Hospital Came Back Negative?

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“Do I Still Have an Injury Case Even Though My X-Rays at the Hospital Came Back Negative?” I get questions like the above all of the time arising from accidents in Pinellas County. There is a general misunderstanding about what injuries are covered if one is involved in an auto accident, a truck accident or motorcycle accident. Following an accident, many people feel pain or soreness and go to the hospital to get checked out. At the hospital, it is standard procedure to be given an X-ray. Clearly, broken bones have a significant value for an accident claim, but they [...]

When and Where to Get Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

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If you have been involved in a car accident or truck accident, you will often immediately feel the symptoms of your injuries. However, it is also entirely common for one’s adrenaline to mask the effects of the injuries until later in the evening or the next morning. Often, headaches, soreness and stiffness take a bit to “set in” and even though you may have refused treatment at the scene, you later realize that something is wrong. For purposes of your health and to avoid unnecessary objection from the insurance company, you must try to seek treatment as soon as possible. [...]