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Car Accidents on Fourth Street North in St Petersburg

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Have you been involved in a car accident on Fourth Street North in St Petersburg? Well, we get this question a lot. Obviously our offices are at 5858 Central Avenue in St Petersburg. So we, our St Pete guys and both Jonathan and I actually live in Northeast st Petersburg. So we get a lot of cases and we are intimately familiar about fourth street North in St Petersburg. And we get a lot of cases, we have a lot of clients, friends, uh, who are involved in car accidents all up and down fourth street North. And they contact [...]

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Personal Injury Review

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I was involved in a personal injury and was not being treated fairly by the company. My wife prepared a legitmate legal binder clearly explaining our case with lots of exhibits, documentation and more. After months of back and forth with nothing show but a low offer we were at a stalemate.My wife found these folks online and we had a meeting with them. It was a no brainer to have them help us and the process was very easy after that. They give you updates on their own and when requested. I got more money out of it and the process went much quicker once they took over.I will be going back to have a will drawn up and also anything I need in regards to real estate.