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St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Pinellas Park Five Star Review

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I was involved in a car accident in Pinellas Park in which the driver fled the scene of the accident and left me there with serious back and neck injuries which required an ambulance to take me to the hospital. My sister recommended Sean Mcquaid to pursue the case and to try to recover damages. Hiring Sean and Jonathon was the best move I made. They couldn't have made the situation any easier on me. They recommended doctors that specialized in the medical treatment and therapy that I needed. They treated me right and didn't overcharge. They came to visit me in the hospital and later on at home when I was out of commission. I couldn't be happier with the settlement that we received and the attention to my case that was provided.

What Types of Cases Does a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney Handle?


At St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, we get constant calls about potential claims. Many of our potential clients see our five-star reviews and accolades and ask for our help. But, some get confused about what types of cases a personal injury attorney handles. This article is designed to provide clarity and address what types of cases we handle, and what to do if you need an attorney. Simply put, personal injury is a claim for injuries to your body. They can be psychological or physical. Personal injury also encompasses claims that unfortunately result in death. While these [...]

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Truck Accident Review

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I was involved in an accident in Bradenton, not even the St. Pete area! I was hit by a large truck, injured and my truck totaled! Mr. McQuaid was extremely helpful, from everything to follow ups, keeping me informed, making sure I had what I needed. He definitely looks out for his clients and has their best interest in mind! He made me feel very comfortable, and was genuinely concerned with my health and well being! He even went over and above a few times to help me! His staff is just as professional and helpful as he was! I give him and his staff a standing ovation! Thank you for all your help and everything you did to help and take care of me and my case! I know who I'm calling with any future issues that I need handled in a prompt and professional manor! Thank you again for all your help!