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Have you been involved in a car accident on 62nd Avenue North in st Petersburg or Pinellas park? If so, we handle these types of car accident claims day in and day out here at Saint Petersburg personal injury attorneys, McQuaid and Douglas. So we're intimately familiar with 62nd Avenue North and it starts at least on the East side in st Petersburg along the Bay. And as it heads West, uh, what we see is a ton of car accident cases at the intersection of 62nd Avenue North and fourth street North for one reason or another. That is a very high accident intersection. We are constantly seeing car accidents there and also representing people who have been injured in car accidents at that intersection. And as you had West, another dangerous intersection that you really would not think of, uh, is ninth street, North and 62nd Avenue. Uh, there used to be a a seven 11.

At that intersection. It's now been moved. There's a shell station on one corner. There's, uh, a Winn-Dixie on the other Winn-Dixie shopping center in any event yet for one reason or another. There are ton of accidents at that, a ninth street North and forth and 62nd Avenue North location. And I'm not quite sure why, uh, as you had West, uh, past, uh, Northeast high school on your left hand side, uh, past meadow lawn past saw grass Lake park, uh, on the North side of the road. Another intersection that we see a lot of of accidents at, uh, is 62nd Avenue North and Hanes, Hanes road and also 62nd Avenue North on 34th street North. In addition to car accidents at that intersection we've see a lot of pedestrian accidents, a lot of people for one reason or another walk back and forth around that intersection. Uh, there's a Wawa on the, uh, I guess that's the North West corner.

So a lot of people, especially living in those motels and also in the, uh, the housing back there on Hanes Hanes road for one reason or another, lot of, lot of pedestrian action accidents in addition to car accidents at that intersection. And then as you had West, uh, past, um, North side hospital, we really don't see accidents at 62nd Avenue North and 49th street. It's a relatively safe intersection. We don't get an uptick until you get to 62nd Avenue North and 66th street North of course, that's Pinellas park. Um, and, and again, a lot of accidents at that intersection and we really don't see as you continue to head West, we don't see many accidents, uh, there on West until 62nd Avenue ends on park street. So, uh, those are really the, the high volume car accident and pedestrian accidents on 62nd Avenue North in st Petersburg and Pinellas park.

Now, if you are involved in a car accident or even a pedestrian accident, I mean North side Heights, North North side hospitals right there, uh, it's centrally located and a lot of our clients will go to North side high school or Northside hospital. Excuse me. Um, if you're injured in Pennell, in st Petersburg, a lot of our clients will go down to Bay front, uh, st Pete general, uh, st Anthony's. Uh, but again, most of our other clients who are injured on, in Pinellas park, you go to North side hospital, it's a no brainer after the accident, after you get yourself emergency medical treatment, I encourage everyone to contact a car accident lawyer because the next step in the process is setting up a claim with the insurance companies and then also directing your treatment to get in with specialists that handle car accident injuries. And most people don't know that, um, your primary care physicians or your family doctors, they don't handle car accident claims because of the intricacies in dealing with the motor vehicle insurance, the PIP or no fault insurance.

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