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Have you been involved in a car accident on park street North in either Pinellas Park or Seminole? If so here at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas. We handle these types of cases day in and day out. And in fact, park Boulevard North is one of the top three areas that we find people involved in car accidents in all of Pinellas County Florida re it's really only a, I'd say third to a US 19, which has a ton of car accidents and probably I two 75, um, in terms of just the sheer volume of accidents occurring all long park Boulevard North. So if you're on Park Boulevard, just as a little bit of background and maybe you're not familiar with the area, it begins at the intersection of, uh, us 19 and Gandy Boulevard. So Gandy is to the East park Boulevard begins right there at that intersection, uh, by the park place mall.

Um, you may be familiar with the area, there's a movie theater there. What? There are a ton of car accidents at that intersection. I can't even begin to count how many accidents we've had at that intersection of park Boulevard and us 19 and even pedestrian traffic too, uh, and accidents. And so as you had West on park Boulevard, the next most frequent intersection that we see a lot of accidents is parked Boulevard in 49th street North. Again, it's a large intersection. We get a lot of car accidents, rear end accidents at that intersection, and also pedestrian accidents to as you had West. The next most common area for car accidents is park Boulevard and 66th street North. Again, giant intersection, tons of traffic, rear end accidents. The same thing as the other intersections. Uh, just a high volume and a very dangerous intersection for cars and pedestrians.

So as you head out of Pinellas park and into Seminole, uh, and really crossover, you know, Seminole Lake area, uh, the, the, the, I'd say the highest volume intersection for car accidents in Seminole is at Seminole Boulevard and park Boulevard. Again, big intersection, same thing, a lot of rear end accidents, uh, people making mistake and turns. And then of course, park Boulevard continues to head West where it ends at Gulf Boulevard. So unfortunately if you've been involved in an accident, you may need emergency medical care. Uh, most of our clients, again, uh, if it's an a penalty park accident, they may go to North side hospital, a right there on 49th street in st Petersburg. Uh, if it's a seminal accident, they may go to Largo medical for their emergency medical care. But our advice is always to getS yourself emergency medical treatment after an accident on park Boulevard.

Again, every day that you wait for a, uh, every day you wait to be seen by a doctor is really a day that your case goes down in value according to the insurance companies. Uh, next step in the process. After you've seen an emergency medical provider, we always recommend, recommend speak to a car accident lawyer. Use our knowledge of the medical providers in the areas in the area that specialize in auto accident injuries. Uh, again, your, your family care doctor or your primary care physician, they just don't handle car accident injuries. So by the time you may contact them and they tell you, Hey, we don't do this. You've lost, uh, several valuable days when, if you had contacted us, we could've put you in touch with a medical provider near to where you live, um, that specializes in car accident injuries. So again, I hope that you're not involved in a car accident on park Boulevard. If you are a police, contact us for a free consultation. We work with every medical provider in Pinellas County, uh, in Pinellas park in the seminal area. Uh, we can refer you to people that are trustworthy and will provide quality medical care. Uh, and really we'll take care of the billing at the end of the day. So again, if you have any questions, please contact us. Use our expertise to your advantage. Sure.

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