Case Result


My client was headed to work on Park Blvd. N. in Pinellas Park.  The vehicle to his right tried to change lanes into his, and sideswiped his vehicle in the process.  The Pinellas Park Police Department were call and issued a ticket to the at-fault car for careless driving.


My client felt pain in his neck and reported to a chiropractor in St. Petersburg.  He began his physical therapy.  He was referred out for an MRI to his neck which revealed three disc herniations.  He continued on with his therapy and was eventually recommended for more invasive treatment, which he declined.

The Claim:

There was an insurance policy for $10,000 for the at-fault driver and our client carried $10,000 in Underinsured Motorist coverage.  I was able to recover the full $20,000 to settle his claim.  I was able to keep his medical bills down and he received a large portion of the payment.  He was happy.  Although it wasn’t a huge case, it is a typical example of a moderate accident with moderate injuries in Pinellas Park.