Policy Limit Tender After Minimal First Offer


Our clients were the driver and passenger of a vehicle stopped for a red light. While stopped, our clients were rear ended by the at-fault vehicle. Unfortunately, no police were called to the scene.

The Case:

Both of our clients were injured as a result of the crash but neither of them went to the hospital for immediate care. The following day, both clients went to an urgent care and subsequently began conservative chiropractic treatment. Upon receiving their MRI results, it was clear their injuries warranted the at-fault party’s bodily injury policy limit. Our office immediately sent a demand for the full policy limit. Unfortunately, the at-fault driver’s insurance company responded to our demand with an extremely minimal offer stating they did not believe the injuries were related to this accident and that the medical bills the clients incurred were inflated.

The Result:

Our office instantly knew the minimal offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance was a scare tactic and that both claims were worth the policy limit. The clients trusted our advice and let us call the insurance company’s bluff. We filed a lawsuit and almost immediately received the full policy limit tenders on both of their claims, no formal litigation necessary.