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609, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Eric Five Start Review

As a Dr. who has treated many auto accident injuries over the years, there are times when a patient will need to choose a experienced lawyer for representation to handle their case. Sean McQuaid and Jonathon Douglas are both well respected in the community and have personally helped friends and family of mine. You will get the one to one attention you deserve. Let them handle dealing with the insurance companies so you can focus on recovering from your injuries such as concussions, broken bones, ligament tears and disc herniations. You'll be in good hands and the friendly staff will keep you updated along the way.

3108, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Kelly Five Star Review

I was visiting St Petersburg when my family and I were in a bad car accident on 275. We went to Bayfront Hospital. My kids were seen at All Children’s. I did not know who to contact, so I did a search on Google and found Sean McQuaid. He and his staff were wonderful. I was pleased at how he explained everything to me and handled the claims. We were thrilled with the results and I was able to put some money aside for my children’s college fund. If you are looking for an auto accident attorney in St Petersburg, I highly recommend Sean McQuaid.

504, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Charles Five Star Review

I highly recommend this Law firm. From day one of my phone call and consultation on my accident when I spoke with Sean, They have answered any and all of my questions. I was never out of the loop concerning my case . Sandy Calvert kept in contact with me anytime a change came up in my case. She did an amazing job working with the Insurance company and the hospital and everyone involved. I give them five stars.

903, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Grateful Five Star Review

Our experience with Sean McQuaid was amazing from start to finish. His entire staff was incredibly helpful. Our company is grateful for the great results and would go back to Sean in an instant! The process from start to finish was easy, all of our questions were answered and the outcome was better than we could have imagined. Without a doubt we would highly recommend to anyone! Thank you so much!

802, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Elaborate Five Star Review

The last thing any normal/ sane person (I know) enjoys doing in their off-time is needing to go through the trials & tribulations {pun} of looking for, interviewing and retaining legal counsel/ representation. That is, unless/ until they encounter a dynamic duo such as these two - Sean McQuaid & Jonathon Douglas. Unfortunately, I'm bound by NDA's and am unable to divulge into much detail on how these guys have increased my quality of life, but felt I owed it to them to at least drop a quick note here and "pay-it-forward", so to speak. What I CAN say is that if I was able to go back in time to the moments following the event I ultimately leaned on them for assistance with and change anything, I wouldn't! Not. One. Thing. These guys are the epitome of diligence & integrity (among other desirable characteristics one would want someone in their inner-circle to reflect). Better said - These two were/ are a beacon of all that is righteous in the "spirit of the Law". Their keen education and experience commingled with an astonishing aptitude to resolve my questions and concerns was consistently unwavering and all-encompassing. When the time came for them to receive payment for their services, I realized I would have been just as happy if they had taken more than originally agreed upon. Even if their efforts resulted as a failure, I'd be remiss if I had a "sour grapes" mentality after seeing them fight tooth and nail on my behalf. I hope we don't have to meet again but if the time ever calls for me to bring in the big guns, I am beyond grateful in knowing they're just a phone call away. If you're reading this and are on the fence about entertaining this Firm for representation, good for you! You're likely where I was when I needed to find someone I could trust to do the job and do it right, the first time around. For what it's worth, spare yourself any more anguish and see what McQuaid & Douglas have to say. P.S. I was not paid or compensated in any way for leaving this review, I'm just an eccentric.*

202, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Best Lawyer 5 star Review

Sean Mc Quaid , The Best Lawyer You Could Ever Have ! I Was Involved In A Car Accident , And Neither Insurance Company Cared About Our Injury Or Wellbeing. After Two Weeks Of Waiting For Answers For Help To Get Treatment For Our Injuries To No Avail . I Reached Out To The Law Office And Spoke To Taylor Who Immediately ! Got Us Care That We Needed. Without Their Help It Wouldn't have Turned Out Well For Us . Thank You So Much Mr McQuaid . Also Thank You So Much Taylor Shal .

1901, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Courtney Five Star Review

Working with Jonathan Douglas was a great experience! He was thorough and always kept me abreast of how the case was progressing and what to expect at different steps. He did an excellent job explaining various avenues we could take. You can tell he really cared about what was in my best interests. If I ever have the need of legal services again, I will most certainly reach out to him. Thank you for everything!

501, 2020

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Mr McQuaid Five Star Review

There are not enough good things that I can say about Mr. McQuaid. He is a fantastic lawyer that exudes intelligence and charisma. In my opinion finding a good lawyer is like finding a good mechanic, its not easy, but once you find a good one you instantly know they are the right person. Upon the first meeting I had with Mr.McQuaid, I knew he was the right man for the job and that he was going to do everything possible to help me in the most dire situation I had ever experienced. I trusted Sean and his legal team, literally putting my life and future into his hands, and I believe they went above and beyond in helping me. I will be a client of Mr.McQuaid for as long as I am alive, I would not even think of considering any other lawyer, legal team, or law office. The customer service and attention to detail is tremendous, his knowledge of the law is sharp, and he made me feel like he really cared. When I am asked by others for a good lawyer in Florida no other name comes to mind other than Sean McQuaid. I really hope this review helps other people who are in need of a great lawyer. This lawyer is the real deal, I honestly believe that going to any other lawyer is a waste of time and money. When your future is at stake there is no time to waste, call Mr.McQuaid, he will help you.

2212, 2019

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Motorcycle Five Star Review

I would highly recommend Sean and Taylor. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and reached out to them for assistance with the insurance company. Taylor was very helpful and answered all of my question, she was always available when I needed her. Sean was very nice and informative of how everything would work. My case was successfully resolved quickly with all of their hard work and efforts. I would use them in the future and recommend to my family and friends.

1512, 2019

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Hit & Run Five Star Review

"September of 2018, I was involved in a hit & run. The local sheriff’s department never placed the witnesses information in the report & the video footage at the local business was not able to obtain a visual of the truck that hit me, & drove off. Jonathan Douglas, took my case when most attorneys would not even look at it. Jonathan and his team, treated me like family and were with me every step of the way. Because of his determination, fight, and no nonsense communication with the insurance company, we were able to reach a settlement for my medical injuries; placing money in my pocket. I cannot say thank you enough to Jonathan, Taylor, & the rest of his team. When you have this law firm on your team and in your corner, you are not just a client or case for them, you become family. From someone that works in the auto accident industry, I have rarely come across an attorney that treats his clients like Jonathan does. He works the case from every possible angle as if it were his own case." ~Shaun H. | Google

1711, 2019

St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, (727) 381-2300Pinellas Park Five Star Review

I was involved in a car accident in Pinellas Park in which the driver fled the scene of the accident and left me there with serious back and neck injuries which required an ambulance to take me to the hospital. My sister recommended Sean Mcquaid to pursue the case and to try to recover damages. Hiring Sean and Jonathon was the best move I made. They couldn't have made the situation any easier on me. They recommended doctors that specialized in the medical treatment and therapy that I needed. They treated me right and didn't overcharge. They came to visit me in the hospital and later on at home when I was out of commission. I couldn't be happier with the settlement that we received and the attention to my case that was provided.

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