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Who Should I Hire for My Personal Injury Case?

Most of our days are spent dealing with our clients. Uh, whether that be in the pre-suit stance before a lawsuit is filed and the handling their claims or even if a case is in suit, um, and we’re litigating against the insurance company or the at-fault driver’s insurance company. What most people don’t realize is what it takes to get to those points. And before any of that happens, and before we ever get to a case or a point where we can settle a case, we actually have to get a client. And many clients go out and they make call a billboard number. Uh, they may see something online, they may, uh, see, uh, an attorney heavily advertise and these are all fine ways of, of getting out there and advertising. But I really need to focus on the fact that as a client, right, as an accident victim, you need to meet with that prospective attorney.

You need to get a feel for that. Attorneys concepts there, strategies. You need to make sure that, that you and the Attorney Gel, uh, because that’s the attorney that’s going to be going to war for you. And a lot of these other firms out there, you may be talking to an investigator or even a paralegal. These aren’t the attorneys. You may not even ever speak to “your attorney”. So I, I really put out there and I want everybody to realize that when you were interviewing law firms, make sure you’re speaking to the attorney that’s going to actually handle your case because that’s going to be driving, uh, the ultimate outcome of your case. And that’s going to be that the person that’s going to be negotiating on your behalf. And you know, perhaps I’ve been going to court and going to trial on your behalf. So meet with your attorneys, interview your attorneys, and make an informed choice before hiring your attorney.

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