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March 2019

What Happens in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Month: March 2019

what to expect when you have a personal injury lawsuit

What Happens in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When a personal injury case cannot be settled, your lawyer may recommend that a lawsuit is filed. Personal injury lawsuits are becoming increasingly more common because insurance companies have calculated that they can avoid paying out as much money by weeding out lawyers who

what to do if you have been injured in an auto accident

When Should You See a Doctor After an Auto Accident?

After an auto accident in St. Petersburg, FL, you technically have 14 days to see a doctor to qualify for no-fault (PIP) insurance benefits. But, just because Florida allows 14 days in order to get your medical bills covered, it does not

have you been injured from a trip and fall accident at walmart

WalMart Loses an Appeal Over a Trip and Fall in Florida

People injured from a trip and fall on Walmart property received an important legal victory by Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals on March 20, 2019. After Walmart convinced a trial court judge in Broward County to dismiss a trip and fall personal

what to do if you are injured in an uber or lyft accident

Injured in an Uber or Lyft Accident? Who’s On the Hook?

The proliferation of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft raises interesting issues related to liability and insurance coverage when you are injured in an Uber or Lyft accident. According to articles published on, Uber drivers complete approximately 15 million trips

value of sleep issues in a auto accident case

What is the Value of Lack of Sleep in an Accident Case?

One of the most common side effects following an accident injury is lack of sleep. Virtually every personal injury client over my career has described some type of change in sleep patterns as a result of the accident. Of course, the severity

what is the value of a scar in a personal injury case

How Much is a Scar Worth in a St. Petersburg Injury Case?

I encounter cuts and scars in many personal injury cases in St. Petersburg. Scars occur in almost every type of case from car accidents to motorcycle accidents to slip and falls. There is no set formula for insurance companies to determine the value of a scar

have you been involved in a publix truck accident

What to Do If Your Involved in a Publix Truck Accident

A Publix truck accident is insured through The Hartford, yet managed through the Claims Center in Lakeland, Florida. The relationship between The Hartford and Publix is unclear because the correspondence from the Claims Center is not on The Hartford letterhead. It is

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