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May 2019

Finding a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney

Month: May 2019

how to find the best local lawyer

Finding a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney

After practicing personal injury law in St. Petersburg for 20 years, I have compiled a list of common techniques that clients use to find a personal injury attorney. These techniques can certainly be used in cities other than St. Petersburg as well. I

personal injury lawsuit probability

How Often Do Personal Injury Cases End up in Court?

The question about whether a personal injury case will end up in a lawsuit is one that many of my clients have at the beginning. Most of my clients have never been involved in an accident before and are nervous about the process. Due

car accidents in pinellas park

Why Are There So Many Car Accidents in Pinellas Park?

If you are familiar with Pinellas County, you may have observed the sheer volume of car accidents in Pinellas Park compared to the rest of the county. Although the population of Pinellas Park was only 52,854 as of 2017, it has grown into

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