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June 2019

Auto Accident Claims Involving Amica Insurance

Month: June 2019

amica insurance auto accident claims

Auto Accident Claims Involving Amica Insurance

Although Amica Insurance is not one of the largest auto insurance companies in Florida, we have handled many Amica insurance claims. If you carry Amica Insurance or the at-fault driver carried Amica insurance, we are very familiar with the adjusters

10 steps to take after a car accident

10 Steps After a Car Accident That is Not Your Fault

If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be in shock, angry, and injured. But, there are several steps that should be taken in every incident. If done correctly, these steps will protect your rights and improve

dog bite frequently asked questions

Dog Bite Frequently Asked Questions

Dog bite incidents are some of the most upsetting and gruesome cases that we encounter in our personal injury practice. Unfortunately, children are the most common victims of these attacks and suffer the most serious injuries. Often, these injuries could

head injuries from car accidents

Head Injuries After a Car Accident in St. Petersburg

There are many ways that someone can be injured in a car accident, but an injury to the brain is often the most concerning. Brain injuries can have life-changing consequences that are not always immediately recognizable. In my St. Petersburg

self-driving uber and lyft cars

Self-Driving Uber and Lyft Cars

Uber and Lyft have changed the transportation landscape with their ride-hailing cars. They have undercut cabs through their low fares, convenience, and technological innovations. However, as Uber and Lyft continue their dominance of the market share, their business models have

motorcycle accident frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Motorcycle Accidents

Handling motorcycle accident claims in St. Petersburg for over 20 years, I receive a lot of questions by clients that are common to most cases. In an effort to provide a resource for those injured in motorcycle accidents, I have

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