car accident damage

America is facing an unsettling statistic, accident fatalities behind the wheel of a car at an all-time high over the past decade. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its latest report indicating car accidents killed 37,461 people in 2016, which is up 5.6% from 2015.

This is part of a dire trend which has seen fatalities increase every year since the all-time low of 32,744 in 2014.

How could this be though? Vehicle safety features are better than ever and self-driving cars have begun to hit the roadways, so one would think that the stat would be headed the other way.

There are a few factors that have contributed to this increase.

The NHTSA has said some of the key reasons for the increase include speeding, not wearing seatbelts and an increase in fatalities involving motorcycles is to blame. The American Automobile Association has also named distracted driving, partly fueled by touch-screen systems in cars that allow drivers to use it while the vehicle is in motion, as another large factor.

The NHTSA has also said that they are going to continue to work with law enforcement agencies and their other state and local partners to curb the human choices they blame for most deaths.

So, what does this mean for you?

It continues to be crucial for you to always be paying attention whenever you are behind the wheel. Even if you don’t take your eyes off the road, the person in the next lane might, so you need to be able to react.

Make sure to take every step possible to stay safe. Make sure you and all your passengers are wearing seatbelts and follow the speed limits and all the local rules of the road. Lastly, make sure you are fully insured and you understand what full coverage insurance actually means.

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate event, and they are mostly preventable. In the event of an accident though, you need the right team on your side to ensure that you are taken care of financially from the accident and compensated for your injuries and damage to your property. Feel free to call me at 727-381-2300 and we will make sure you don’t lose out on compensation that is due to you.