spring break is here

Spring break in Florida is here and the increase in auto accidents have begun. With the amount of drivers on the roads during this season, there are bound to be many more injuries to tourists and visitors to the area. March is ground zero for spring break and one of the busiest times of year in Florida. If you are visiting Florida from out of town and are involved in an accident, you certainly will have questions about what to do. Florida’s laws are different from your state and this article aims to give you guidance.

What to do Immediately After an Auto Accident While on Vacation

Always get yourself in for emergency medical treatment. The medical facilities here are clean and safe. You will not risk getting sick by simply going to be seen for your injuries. If you need to go to a hospital, then go. Do not worry about the bill because it will be covered by either your vehicle’s insurance, your health insurance, or the other vehicle’s insurance. If your injuries do not rise to the level of needing to go to a hospital, then go to a walk in clinic or urgent care. The biggest mistake that visitors and tourists make is waiting to be seen by a doctor until after they go home. Although you may feel comfortable with your hometown doctors, the delay in treatment is often very damaging to your case. The insurance company will argue that you could not have been injured that badly if you waited to be seen until after you drove or flew home. So, be safe and get checked out. If you need the name of a facility that is convenient to you, please contact our office for a referral.

When Should You Contact the Insurance Company?

There is no reason to wait to notify the insurance company about the accident. We recommend reporting the accident to your insurance company within a couple of days. But, we suggest that you do not go into detail about your injuries. You can tell the auto insurance company what happened, any treatment that you’ve received, and a brief description of your injuries. Never give a recorded statement without speaking to a lawyer. And, you have no obligation to speak to the insurance company for the other car.

Can You Still Bring an Injury Claim Once You’ve Gone Home?

Yes, just because you’ve headed home after your visit to Florida does not mean that you cannot bring a claim. You will simply need to finish up your medical treatment where you live. We will help you find a facility near your home that specializes in auto accidents. Please do not go home and go to your primary care doctor. Family doctors are great for illnesses and minor injuries, but they are not set up to handle auto accident cases. We strongly recommend that you avoid them and go to a specialist.

While you receive treatment, our office will communicate with your local doctors. We will pull your medical bills and records. We will work with you to make sure that the medical care that you receive is in line with the insurance policies available to compensate you. In other words, you will not be on your own.

Should You Speak to a Florida Auto Accident Lawyer or Someone Local?

If the auto accident was in Florida, then you will need a Florida lawyer. You cannot risk hiring someone who does not know Florida law or how claims work here. Plus, that lawyer will not be licensed in Florida. The insurance company will know that your lawyer is not licensed and will hold it against you. This question should not be up for debate. You will need to find a lawyer in Florida.

Contact Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas ASAP

Being a Florida lawyer, tourism is a reality of our lives. We specialize in auto accident cases involving visitors to the area. We handle countless claims involving people who live out of the area. We are set up to handle these claims and know what to do.

Our goals in every case is to make sure that you receive quality medical care, you get your medical bills paid, and there is money left over for you. We have a proven track record of success. We encourage you to read our reviews and contact us for a free consultation.