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Motorcycle Accidents St. Petersburg

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we represent eckerd college & the students

Providing Legal Services for Eckerd College Students

Our firm has been successfully representing Eckerd College students with their legal needs for decades. Our firm’s founder, Anthony Battaglia, handled scores of legal issues on behalf of both Eckerd College and its students. Our lawyers have carried on the tradition. Eckerd College is

hire a local lawyer

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Near Me

When searching for a lawyer near me, you may be presented with many choices as to who to hire. If you have been injured in an accident in Pinellas County, you will likely find many advertisements from Tampa, Orlando, and

blind spots & motorcycles

How to Avoid Blind Spot Motorcycle Accidents

When a motorcycle is in the blind spot of a car or truck, accidents are obviously much more likely to occur. Blind spots are extremely dangerous for motorcycles since they are smaller than cars and more difficult to see. Of course, when a car

motorcycle accidents

5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Although riding a motorcycle can be a fun way to enjoy Florida’s weather, it can also be extremely dangerous. Florida is second to only Texas for the highest number of motorcycle accidents each year. California is actually a distant third. The

what is the value of a scar in a personal injury case

How Much is a Scar Worth in a St. Petersburg Injury Case?

I encounter cuts and scars in many personal injury cases in St. Petersburg. Scars occur in almost every type of case from car accidents to motorcycle accidents to slip and falls. There is no set formula for insurance companies to determine the value of a scar

have you been involved in a wrong-way car accident

Hiring a Lawyer for a Wrong-Way Car Accident

Wrong-way car accident cases are surprisingly becoming more common on the roads of Florida. Although the most recent statistics compiled by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles was through 2015 however, show a disturbing trend.  In 2015, the amount of

experiencing anxiety or ptsd since your auto accident?

Anxiety, PTSD and Mental Health Issues After an Auto Accident

If you have been injured in an auto accident in Florida, you may be experiencing anxiety or PTSD related to the crash. These symptoms are often overshadowed by the physical injuries sustained and go untreated. The psychological effects of a severe auto accident go far beyond

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