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Premises Liability Law

Category: Premises Liability Law

dog bite frequently asked questions

Dog Bite Frequently Asked Questions

Dog bite incidents are some of the most upsetting and gruesome cases that we encounter in our personal injury practice. Unfortunately, children are the most common victims of these attacks and suffer the most serious injuries. Often, these injuries could

personal injury lawsuit probability

How Often Do Personal Injury Cases End up in Court?

The question about whether a personal injury case will end up in a lawsuit is one that many of my clients have at the beginning. Most of my clients have never been involved in an accident before and are nervous about the process. Due

saint petersburg accident cases

What Is Unique About Saint Petersburg Accident Cases?

Accidents in St. Petersburg have several unique characteristics that are known only to those lawyers who regularly practice here. For example, knowing the way the St. Petersburg Police Department investigates the accident, the witnesses, the jury pool and the courts can greatly increase

mediation overview

What is Mediation in a Personal Injury Case?

Many of our personal injury clients have never filed a lawsuit related to personal injuries caused by someone else, let alone, make a claim for injuries caused by someone else. As such, many clients are unfamiliar with the many different parts of a lawsuit related

we represent st petersburg college and their students

Providing Legal Services for St. Petersburg College Students

Our firm has been successfully representing St. Petersburg College (SPC) students for decades. Since 1958, our firm’s founder, Anthony Battaglia, handled scores of legal issues on behalf of both St. Petersburg College and its students. Our lawyers have carried on the tradition. SPC has

we represent eckerd college & the students

Providing Legal Services for Eckerd College Students

Our firm has been successfully representing Eckerd College students with their legal needs for decades. Our firm’s founder, Anthony Battaglia, handled scores of legal issues on behalf of both Eckerd College and its students. Our lawyers have carried on the tradition. Eckerd College is

hire a local lawyer

The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Near Me

When searching for a lawyer near me, you may be presented with many choices as to who to hire. If you have been injured in an accident in Pinellas County, you will likely find many advertisements from Tampa, Orlando, and

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