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Property Injury Law

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are you prepared for the deposition

How to Prepare for a Personal Injury Deposition

Updated: 3/11/2022 If you have filed a lawsuit in a personal injury case, you will likely have your deposition taken by the insurance defense lawyer. Depositions are taken after initial discovery is completed. The initial discovery consists of the exchange

to post or not to post

Social Media Can Harm Your Personal Injury Case

Social media has fast become one of our preferred ways of staying in touch with friends and family near and far. In 2015, a staggering 65 percent of American adults used social media, according to the Pew Research Center. Many

slip and fall at applebees

Slip and Fall at Applebee’s Restaurant Allowed to Continue

This slip and fall case against Applebee’s demonstrates the extent that businesses and their lawyers will go to avoid paying claims. At St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, we routinely get updates on the newest court decisions about

mobile gym injuries

Mobile Gym is Not an Uninsured Vehicle Under Geico Policy

In an odd case from Florida, an appellate court determined that a woman who was injured in a mobile gym truck could not recover from her own uninsured motorist policy through Geico. The strange facts of this case made this

Trip and Fall on a Curb Continues

Florida Case Over Trip and Fall on a Curb Continues

An elderly and disabled man who tripped and fell on a curb on the way to his car was permitted to continue his lawsuit in a recently decided Florida case. In a local decision from Hillsborough County, the Second District

What Do You Do If You’ve Been Injured at a Hotel?

What do you do if you’ve been injured at a hotel? In Pinellas county, we have so many hotels and so many tourists coming to our county that we are constantly called with various types of hotel accident cases. Now

hotel accidents will happen

Examples of Hotel Injury Cases in Pinellas County

Hotel injury cases are common in Pinellas County due to the number of hotels and visitors we have to our community. In Pinellas County, we have hotels in St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, Madeira Beach, North Redington Beach,

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