finding a personal injury attorney

There are many quality personal injury attorneys in St. Petersburg, but finding the right fit for your case is not always easy. Advertising on TV, radio, buses, etc., have caused confusion among the public and has drowned out many reputable and honest law firms. Often, the law firms that spend the most on advertising provide the least help to clients. Think about the business model for a law firm that has to pay monthly for all of that advertising. Rather than pay lawyers and staff to work on your case, those law firms devote minimal resources to your case and push quick settlements for often less than your case is worth. Their large advertising bills have to be paid somehow, right?

So, How Do You Find the Best St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney?

It may sound like common sense, but do your research on the personal injury law firm before you make contact. Ask around to your doctors, friends, and family about any referrals that they may have. While advertisements may lead you in a certain direction, go online and read the backgrounds of the lawyers and see if they have accolades or accomplishments. I have also found that reading reviews from past clients can be a helpful exercise. By reading reviews, you can often learn whether the law firm has helped people in a similar situation in the past.

What Can the Best St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney Do for You?

After an accident involving injuries, there are many steps that need to be taken quickly. Many people who have not been involved in a situation like this before unknowingly hurt their case without the guidance of a personal injury attorney. By contacting a lawyer immediately after the incident, many unforced errors can be avoided. For example, getting into a facility that treats accident injuries is a priority. Many people wait for days or even weeks to get treated because they hope the pain will subside. Some people who have been injured in a car accident think that they have 14 days to get medical care. Unfortunately, every day that you wait to get treatment hurts the value of your case. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney will know quality medical providers to refer you to.

Additionally, a personal injury attorney will be able to assist you with information about which insurance company you need to speak to. Following an accident, you will likely be bombarded by calls from all types of insurance adjusters. Once a lawyer is retained, all communication from the insurance company gets directed to them.

These are just some of the examples of the many benefits of getting a lawyer involved to handle your claim, but ultimately, getting your injuries treated and then getting maximum compensation are the goals of every case.

What Type of Compensation Can the Best S. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorney Recover for You?

While every situation is different, there are certain areas that I look to in every case before sending out a monetary demand. Those areas are past lost wages, future lost wages, injuries incurred, past medical bills, future medical bills, and pain and suffering. We also can demand the diminished value for your vehicle in certain situations. Obviously, the value of each of these areas depends on the particular facts of each case.

Do the Best St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys Charge More Than Other Attorneys?

No. Every lawyer in St. Petersburg charges the same. Therefore, since you are paying the same for whomever you choose, doesn’t it make sense to get the best one you possibly can? In Florida, injury cases are handled on a contingency. This means that the lawyer is paid a percentage of the recovery. The standard fees are 33% for most accidents and 25% if the defendant is a state or government agency. If the case is forced into a lawsuit, the fee increases to 40%. We try to avoid filing lawsuits because of the increased risk and expense associated therewith, but sometimes the situation is simply out of our control and necessitates a more aggressive approach.

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We pride ourselves on providing the best legal services in the area. We do not advertise and rely strictly on our reputation and results. You will not find personal injury attorneys in St. Petersburg with the resume, accolades or results to compare with our team. We form deep relationships with our clients and those sentiments are expressed in our dozens of Five Star reviews. Our clients are always able to reach us with questions and we are available on our cell phones after hours and on weekends. We feel that communication with our clients is extremely important and is one area that we differentiate ourselves from other law firms. If you or someone you know has been injured and is looking for the best personal injury attorney in St. Petersburg, then please contact us for a free consultation. You will not be disappointed with our services.