Is Back Pain After a Car Accident Normal?

If you or a loved one were hurt as a result of a car accident in Florida and are now suffering from back pain, you may be wondering if this is normal. Back pain, especially lower back pain, is one of the most common injuries to experience after an auto accident.

Many of our clients are often frustrated after they have been involved in a motor vehicle incident. They often feel overwhelmed by the frequent calls and questions from the insurance companies, medical providers, and a host of other parties involved in settling your accident claim. As your attorneys, McQuaid & Douglas will take on the responsibility of communicating with the insurance adjusters directly, handling requests for documentation and all the administrative and legal components required to settle your claim. You will no longer have to deal with the insurance companies and can simply concentrate on getting well without added stress. We want to add comfort and ease to your life.

As your attorneys, we can also assist you with finding the right medical providers who specialize in auto accident injuries. Providing this additional help to our clients allows them to get the right medical care they need and recover quickly. This is another reason it is important to speak with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney immediately following an auto accident.

Each year in the United States, there are more drivers obtaining their driver’s license for the first time, and far fewer drivers “retiring” from the road. There are nearly 3 million new drivers on the roads each year. And new, inexperienced drivers increase the risk for all motorists of being involved in a car accident.

Common Types of Injuries

Soft Tissue

The most common injury sustained in a car accident is soft tissue damage. A soft tissue injury occurs when there is damage to the body’s connective tissue (muscles, ligaments, and tendons). Soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash, are among the most common injuries after an auto accident.

“Whiplash” is a soft tissue injury to the neck and upper back. It is a classic delayed symptom injury as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Most cases of whiplash occur when the collision is at low speeds and the victim’s car is struck from the rear. To accurately diagnose whiplash injuries, x-rays, CT scans or MRIs may be necessary after a serious accident.

A whiplash injury occurs when muscles and ligaments are stretched due to sudden movements of the head and neck during a collision. The same forces can cause soft tissue injuries in other areas of the body such as the back. Car accidents often cause mid-back and low-back muscle sprains, and sometimes more serious back injuries because of the extreme force and impact against the spine.

Back Sprains and Strains

Back pain after an auto accident could also be a sign of a sprain, herniated disc, or other soft-tissue injuries, such as muscle damage. If accompanied by tingling or numbness, it could also point to pinched nerves and/or spinal injuries.

Back pain that occurs after an accident could be the result of an injury to the muscles, ligaments, or nerves in the back, similar to whiplash. Lower back pain is a quite common injury found in a majority of motor vehicle accidents. When the force of a collision causes the tissue between the vertebrae of the spine to balloon out, this is known as a herniated disc. It is also not unusual for symptoms to develop for weeks or even months following an auto accident. These injuries can cause long-term disability.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, it is important that your rights are protected to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. The moments directly after a collision can be stressful and emotional. Immediately following an accident, you will certainly check to see who is injured and get help for those that need it, wait for the police to arrive, assess the incident, share insurance, and contact information, and take photos. However, it is easy to forget to ask certain questions or gather the correct information that may be vital to your claim for damages. This is another reason you should speak with an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who can help you throughout the settlement process, and make sure you are fully compensated for your financial and emotional damages arising from the auto accident.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a vehicle collision and suffered injuries, personal injury attorneys McQuaid and Douglas will work to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. McQuaid and Douglas specialize in back pain injury accidents and understand the intricacies of these cases. They will protect your rights, and ensure you receive a fair settlement to cover your financial and emotional losses.

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