pedestrian crossing signal

Florida is struggling with pedestrian safety. Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater are all among the seven most dangerous metropolitan communities, ranked seventh with 821 pedestrians killed since 2014. The state of Florida is well aware of these numbers and has been trying to do something about it for a while now. However, the death toll remains steady and we as drivers and pedestrians need to be much more careful out there.

Cheaper gas and a recovering economy could be to blame for these high numbers lately. More cars are out on the road, but this goes for pedestrians as well. The risk is higher basically everywhere you go as Florida is not the only state to blame. As a nation, we are averaging about 13 fatalities every day.

The plans to make our cities safer include plans to include better lighting, beacon crossings, separated bike lanes and more roundabouts. The state of Florida has its work cut out for them as this is a serious problem that needs to be stopped.

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