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Publix Slip and Fall

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Falls at Publix - How to File a Claim

Falls at Publix – How to File a Claim

I handle a lot of cases where people have fallen at Publix grocery stores. These accidents are usually in Florida, but they can also occur in states like Georgia or across the south. I have had great success in handling

Can I Get Compensated for an Injury in a Publix Store?

Can I Get Compensated for an Injury in a Publix Store?

Publix may seem like the last place you would expect to get injured, but it happens more often than you might think. The answer is, yes, you may be able to get compensated for an injury in a Publix store.

who pays for my medical bills

Who Pays For My Medical Bills After an Accident at Publix?

Publix is generally a responsible and safe grocery store. Most importantly, it tries to take care of its customers when they are injured in an accident. At St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, we specialize in claims against

slip and fall case against winn-dixie dismissed

Slip and Fall Case Against Winn-Dixie Dismissed by Court

Slip and fall cases against supermarkets and grocery stores are quite common. By virtue of the fact that liquids and foods are often spilled, dangerous conditions frequently exist that inevitably lead to slip and falls. At St. Petersburg Personal Injury

What Can You Expect After a Slip and Fall at Publix?

What can you expect after a slip and fall at Publix? So, unfortunately, if you’ve slipped on some substance at Publix and you’ve fallen and you’ve been injured, you’re probably going to be confused. You have a lot of questions

what to do if you have been injured at a business

What is a Premises Liability Case?

Many of our clients are injured while on property owned by another. When you or a loved one is injured on property owned by another, this can give rise to a premises liability type of case. The basic idea behind a premises liability case stems from the

publix slip and fall video footage release

When Can I See the Video of My Accident at Publix?

If you are in Florida and have an accident at Publix, there will likely be a video of the incident. All Publix grocery stores have closed-circuit cameras for purposes of theft prevention and to record any type of injury incident. Many

injured at a publix grocery store

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured at a Publix Grocery Store

While Publix is generally a careful and safe supermarket, no store or employee is perfect, and accidents happen. If you were injured at a Publix grocery store, you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering

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