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Uber and Lyft Robotaxis Are on The Way to Florida

Uber and Lyft Robotaxis Are on The Way to Florida

Lyft has announced that it will begin testing self-driving vehicles known as robotaxis in Florida in late 2021. Uber has also sold its autonomous vehicle unit to Aurora and this partnership has already begun testing self-driving vehicles in low speed

pinellas park personal injury attorney

How Can a Pinellas Park Personal Injury Attorney Help?

Pinellas Park is at the epicenter of many of the personal injury accidents in Pinellas County. It is a small city, but located in the center of the most densely populated county in Florida, it is a hub for through

uber and lyft accident claims

Guide to Uber and Lyft Accident Claims

Uber and Lyft accidents have become a common occurrence in Florida. Even though these ride share companies have been around for years, many personal injury lawyers still do not understand how these claims are different from the standard auto accident

buckle up in the back seat of an uber or lyft

Always Wear a Seatbelt in the Back of an Uber or Lyft

With the recent phenomenon of ride-sharing in an Uber or Lyft, has come an increased emphasis on the safety of their passengers. While taxis continue to lose market share, Uber and Lyft and their younger customer base, have dramatically increased

hit by an uber or lyft

What Happens If You Are in an Accident with an Uber or Lyft?

At St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas, we recognize that rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have changed the way people are getting from place to place. This article deals with what happens if an Uber or

involved in an uber or lyft accident

What Happens If Your Uber or Lyft Gets into an Accident?

Uber and Lyft are dominating the rideshare business in St. Petersburg and throughout the Tampa Bay area. As you drive around town, you likely have seen the illuminated Uber and Lyft signs in the windows of vehicles. With the increased

common car accident claims

Questions on How to Handle Your Claim

If you have been involved in a car accident in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Seminole, Largo, or anywhere in Pinellas County, you will likely have questions about how to handle your claim. The first few days after a car accident

self-driving uber and lyft cars

Self-Driving Uber and Lyft Cars

Uber and Lyft have changed the transportation landscape with their ride-hailing cars. They have undercut cabs through their low fares, convenience, and technological innovations. However, as Uber and Lyft continue their dominance of the market share, their business models have

types of uber and lyft accidents claims

Types of Uber and Lyft Accidents Claims

There are over 50 million Uber and Lyft riders per month in the United States. With that many vehicles on the road, the number of Uber and Lyft accidents has dramatically increased. In our personal injury practice, we routinely are

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