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When searching for a lawyer near me, you may be presented with many choices as to who to hire. If you have been injured in an accident in Pinellas County, you will likely find many advertisements from Tampa, Orlando, and Miami law firms. These law firms may even have a satellite office somewhere in Pinellas County. These out of town lawyers may make it seem like they are local, but with a little research, you will find that there are many benefits that only a lawyer near me can provide.

The most obvious benefit of hiring a lawyer near me is the convenience. Being able to meet with your lawyer more frequently or even drop off paperwork all increases the communication level. Increased communication between you and your local lawyer translates into fewer mistakes and your case resolving faster. I am told in case after case when a client has used another lawyer in the past, how much more responsive our office is. Being local and near the client is a valuable advantage because we are able to address problems that may arise in real time.

Being local also allows us to get to know the client and his or her family better. Meeting people who have been involved in an accident and getting to know how the accident has affected them assists our ability to convey that information to the insurance company. For example, when I am able to see an injury like a scar, I am able to describe that scar in much more detail to an insurance adjuster than just using a picture. These little advantages are what separates a lawyer near me from the out of town firms.

A lawyer near me also is familiar with the doctors and treatment providers in town. An out of town lawyer will likely send you to a chiropractic chain that they frequently do business with. These treatment chains are often mills and provide very little beneficial care. They are normally set up in a manner to bill out your PIP insurance benefits as fast as possible and then let you deal with the repercussions. You also must remember that part of the reason why you were sent to that chain was to ensure that the chain will refer someone back to the out of town firm. So, the system is simply not set up to benefit you- it is set up to take advantage of you. A lawyer near me lives in the community and knows good and reputable treatment providers. Because these providers all live and work together, there is much less incentive to take advantage of a client.

A lawyer near me also is familiar with the insurance defense lawyers and the courts. For example, if you were in an accident in St. Petersburg and hired a Tampa lawyer, do you know where your lawsuit gets heard? Downtown Clearwater, not St. Petersburg. Can you imagine telling a jury from Clearwater the details of your St. Petersburg accident? Do you think that they will have as much compassion for you as a jury from St. Petersburg would? These are the little examples that clients are simply not aware of when hiring an out of town law firm. A lawyer near me also practices regularly with the insurance defense lawyers. Getting to know how the other lawyer works from previous cases, or even bumping into them at luncheons or legal events can be a huge advantage for your case.

When researching for a lawyer near me, do not be confused by the advertisements and pressure techniques from out of town lawyers. Local lawyers are just as well suited for your case and have a host of advantages over those from out of town. If you are confused, I suggest to speak to or interview a few lawyers to determine who is the right fit for your injury case.

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