What do you do if you’ve been injured by an employee at a business? So this is always an unfortunate situation involving a personal injury claim against a business owner by virtue of the acts of their employees. So here at a St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid and Douglas, we get a lot of calls about people who have, who have been injured by employees of businesses and they’re really, they fall into two separate categories. The first is if you’ve been injured by the negligence or carelessness of an employee out of business, and this is really the most common incident. So if you’re out of business and the employee does something careless or negligent and causes you to be injured, that obviously if you need emergency medical care, make sure you get that emergency medical care first before you do anything. If you don’t have to immediately go to the hospital for emergency medical care and you need to report the incident to the manager or the security staff or risk management at the, uh, at the business, that’s really, uh, one of the, the, the steps precedent to perfecting your claim.

So after you’ve reported the incident, which is important because the business needs to gather the information on the injury, the cause of the injury, interview any witnesses, pull the videos, they really need to do a little bit of investigation as to the cause, which again will help, uh, expedite the handling of the claim. And then so after you’ve got yourself checked out, the incident has been reported, I then encourage you to then contact a personal injury attorney to then make your claim against the business. So again, that’s, that’s in the case of negligence or carelessness of the business. The second incident is when an employee intentionally harmed you. So the employee may commit a battery against you and assault dues does something to you aggressively or intentionally that causes you to be injured. And in that situation, the first thing to do is to call the police because there should be absolutely no set of circumstances where an employee intentionally injures you, uh, after the police are called to make sure you get your medical treatment.

And then I recommend consulting with a personal injury attorney. In fact, uh, we had a situation here recently involving a, uh, a customer at a fast food restaurant who got into an argument with an employee over the, the time that it was taking to prepare the order and the employee got into a fight, a verbal argument and what a punching my client in the face once or twice, uh, knocking my client to the ground, almost breaking my client’s nose, causing injuries to, uh, my client’s neck, uh, and sustaining significant personal. And you know, if you’re in an argument with an employee at a business, there should be no set of circumstances when you should be intentionally injured. And in that claim we asserted negligent hiring. We found out that that employee had actually had a criminal record negligence supervision, right? Where was the manager? Where was the security?

Of course, no, no one was there. Uh, and then also, uh, that the, uh, that the employee was within the course and scope of the, uh, of, of, uh, his duties when he struck my client and we wound up settling that matter for a significant sum. Um, a client was very happy with that result. So again, if you’ve been injured by an employee at a business in St. Petersburg, Pinellas county, anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, I encourage you to contact us immediately. We can guide you through the process and set up the claim. And of course, our consultations are always free.

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