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Essay #15

Essay #15

Pinellas County could reduce the number of auto accidents by increasing the amount of caring and kindness in our society. A lot of car accidents occur due to recklessness and selfishness; drunk drivers and distracted drivers rule the streets. People are too caught up in themselves and don’t realize the effect that their driving could have on others. A lack of caring could cause a mother her life, or even a child.

The world is a goddess masked by sorrow, plagued with war and crime. What lies within this dark haze of despair is kindness and understanding. It is the laughter of children on a balmy summers day, it is the butterflies in your stomach on a first date, it is the freedom of dancing alone in the rain. To live free and careless like the mind of a child, and to appreciate the world for all of the beauty it contains. Spreading positive energy and love to people that tend to be hypnotized by the negative fog, is the way to keep radiant peace alive and thriving. Fighting faded tapestry with love and hope is enough to paint the world with the beauty of life. On the darkest day take a voice, as powerful as a paintbrush, and paint the world with words of kindness. Your love will be as colorful as a rainbow after a storm, and your actions will be as shimmering as the ocean in the sunlight.

The only way that we can spread our voice is through messages across the community; we can fill billboards, benches, and bumper stickers with messages of hope and kindness. We can use phrases such as “drive safely to make the world a better place.” There could be PSA’s of people affected by car accidents, or famous people who will strike people’s attention. We can advertise where these problems can start at places such as bars and clubs in order to destroy the root of the problem.

This essay was submitted by:

Sidney Dorey of Gibbs High School
Attending: UARTS
Course of Study: Musical Theatre
Awards and Accolades:

  • Vice president of the thespian society club (senior year)
  • Member of the GSA
  • Critics choice and district rep of solo musical thespian competition (freshman year)
  • Radiant peace honorable mention writing competition (junior year)

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