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Essay #20

Essay #20

The struggle to reduce the frequency of auto accidents has been an ongoing ordeal. Drivers tend to only become more dangerous with experience because they become lax as they grow accustomed to driving and start to drive in a more reckless manner. I believe that if Pinellas County wishes to reduce the number of auto accidents it must make an effort to educate people on the dangers and causes of auto accidents and aggrandize the punishments for repeat offenders.

Social media has become an incredibly influential part of modern society and if any change is going to be spurred there must be a force on social media pushing for that change. The national campaign “Truth” made an effort to reduce smoking and they succeeded. They accomplished their goal through a multitude of online ads informing people or the consequences of smoking. I believe that this method is very effective and should be utilized by Pinellas County. If people are constantly reminded of the dangers of driving recklessly and the horrific consequences people can suffer from being in auto accidents it will make people drive better.

Drivers can often make reckless decisions, not to purposely put people in danger, but just because they believe it is inconsequential and it will help them get to their destination faster.

Through running ads that communicate all the negatives involved with auto accidents people will think twice about making their reckless decision. They will no longer see their decisions for self-benefit as inconsequential, but as meaningful decisions that could impact other, and this will help ensure they drive in a safer manner.

The punishments for auto accidents often do not fit the severity of the crime. I believe that the punishments for those who cause auto accidents should be more severe. Now, I do not believe that the punishment should be made more extreme for the initial accident or just minor accidents, but they definitely should be increased. If somebody causes an accident and the repercussions are not strong enough the person will simply brush it off and not learn from the situation.

Pinellas County should make the punishments harsher because if the punishments truly impact the life of the person responsible they will make an earnest effort to avoid causing an accident again as they will desire to avoid the repercussions. If the person who caused the accident learns from their mistakes and are determined to avoid it in the future that creates one more safe driver on the road making Pinellas County a safer place overall which is what the goal should be. If Pinellas County is determined to reduce the number of auto accidents it must campaign to educate people and make the punishments harsher for those guilty of causing an accident. Hopefully, these measures, if implicated properly, can create a safer county for people to be a part of.

This essay was submitted by:

Gabriela Garcia of Dunedin High School
Attending: Appalachian State University
Course of Study: Nursing
Awards and Accolades: National Honors Society Secretary

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