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Essay #6

Essay #6

Auto accidents are one of the most prominent causes of death in today’s world. With hundreds of millions of licensed drivers in the United States alone, keeping track of each individual person’s abilities and habits is impossible. Reducing the number of auto accidents a year is a broad but complicated issue that urgently needs to be dealt with. As a citizen of Pinellas County, I believe that auto accidents would be reduced in number and our roads would be rendered safer by better regulation of driving tests.

For one, I believe that the number of auto accidents in Pinellas County that arise can be reduced by requiring driving tests to be more thorough. The most significant requirement of obtaining a driver’s license is passing the official driving test, and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles’ list of required skills to be demonstrated by drivers is very superficial. Without any additional applicable requisites from local DMV, the test is treated as an obstacle course, not an assessment of important skills. Adding detailed requirements to driving tests can make the roads safer because drivers will be forced to be more skilled and capable of complex tasks in order to obtain their driver’s license privileges. If drivers are assessed with more exhaustive tests, they will enter roadways thoroughly prepared for all types of possible situations. As a result, the number of local auto accidents due to ignorance would reduce and ultimately make Pinellas County safer.

In addition to making driving tests more rigorous, I believe that requiring drivers to retake their driving exams on a regular basis can reduce the number of auto accidents that occur in Pinellas County. Drivers who regularly retake their exams can be held accountable for remembering and practicing proper driving skills and techniques consistently. As a high school student, I understand that people often do not learn things they are uninterested in unless they will be penalized for their ignorance. Many, and arguably the majority, of drivers, study hard for the driving tests they take as teenagers and then forget the material afterward because they are not required to know it anymore. Retesting regularly – every 5 or 10 years or so (enough to be regular but not constant) – will force drivers to keep the rules of driving fresh in their minds, lead them to be more mindful and safe, and as a result, minimize their collisions on the road.

In summation, I believe that the number of auto accidents that occur in Pinellas County could be reduced by better regulation of driving tests. Requiring drivers to take more thorough tests on a regular basis will ensure that all drivers be “good drivers” and truly understand the rules of the road. With smarter and more attentive drivers on the roads, accidents due to carelessness or ignorance will be reduced, and Pinellas County, a place filled with knowledgeable and intelligent drivers on its roads, will become a safer place to live and drive.

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