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Aldi Slip and Fall Lawyer in St. Petersburg

Aldi Slip and Fall Lawyer in St. Petersburg

Aldi Slip and Fall Personal Injury Claims

If you’ve suffered injuries due to an Aldi slip and fall or any other accident in an Aldi store, then you may be entitled to compensation. Whether you’ve suffered minor injuries, back injuries, neck injuries or broken bones, consider contacting an Aldi slip and fall attorney so you can file a claim to get the money you deserve.

In our experience, Aldi often accepts responsibility for any injuries that happen on their property. They recognize that compensating injured customers is the right thing to do for the brand’s reputation. Aldi is a worldwide grocery business with 10,000 stores and revenues of over $55 billion. With such a large footprint throughout the world and Tampa Bay, they are familiar with the claims compensation process and respect experienced Aldi slip and fall attorneys, such as us. Contact us today so that we can guide you towards a successful compensation claim.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys For Aldi Slip and Fall Accidents

In the U.S., Aldi has over 1,500 locations. As one of the most popular discount stores, Aldi’s personal injury claims are not rare. Sean McQuaid and Jonathon Douglas have successfully filed many Aldi accident cases, helping clients win large settlements, which cover their medical bills, lost wages, injuries and pain and suffering.

Mr. McQuaid and Mr. Douglas have earned premier lawyers distinctions. Their firm is respected as one of West Florida’s oldest and most respected law firms, with over 60 years of successful legal assistance to Tampa Bay residents.

If you’ve suffered from an accident in an Aldi store, then you need an Aldi Slip and Fall attorney. Please take advantage of our free consultation service to get an assessment of the claim and the potential value.

Aldi’s Locations in Pinellas County

Aldi has five stores across Pinellas County, where we have experience dealing with Aldi slip and fall claims.

How Do Aldi Slip and Fall Accidents Happen?

Like all popular grocery stores, Aldi has a responsibility to keep its customers safe. But with so many customers and products always on the move, accidents happen. It only takes one poorly cleaned floor or spill for a slip and fall accident to occur and result in injuries such as broken bones and injuries to the back, neck or knees.

Frequent accidents at Aldi include:

  • Pallets and carts blocking aisles
  • Faulty freezers leaking water, which result in slips.
  • Floors being cleaned, but with a mop that leaves the floor wet.
  • Loose floor mats.
  • Poorly stacked products that fall.
  • Food debris that results in slips.
  • Wet floors near entrances, that should have been cleaned.
  • Faulty doors, lifts or escalators.
  • Faulty products that have caused accidents.
  • Negligent staff.
  • Uneven surfaces or potholes in the parking lot.
  • Sharp or damaged shelves.

When Is an Injury the Fault of Aldi?

Aldi has a legal duty to make sure that everyone on their property is safe. If there was a dangerous condition that Aldi should have known about, warned you about or fixed, then you likely have a case. Aldi’s store owners, managers and floor staff should be protecting you from dangers or warning you about them – slippery floors, for example, should have a sign. If you’ve suffered an injury while on Aldi premises, then contact an Aldi Injury Claim attorney to get the money you deserve.

An Aldi Slip and Fall Attorney Will Ask:

  • Was Aldi or its employees aware of the danger that caused the injury?
  • Did Aldi fail to clear the danger, or warn you about it?
  • If Aldi was unaware, should they have known? Why weren’t they?
  • If Aldi was unaware, did they have time to address the hazard before the injury occurred?
  • Was the accident reported?
  • Do you have pictures of witnesses?

In many cases, Aldi’s negligence leads to an accident. We’ve seen a lack of staff training, defective machinery, lazy risk assessments and more lead to slippery floors and dangerous aisles. In almost every Aldi accident, the store should and could have done better.

Common Types of Aldi Accident Injuries:

  • Minor to severe bruises.
  • Cuts and lacerations.
  • Fractured or broken bones.
  • Neck, back and spinal cord injuries.
  • Sprained ankles, wrists, and hands.
  • Concussion.

Can I Still Claim for an Aldi Accident If It Was in the Parking Lot?

Yes. Aldi personal injury claims relate to any accidents that occur on their property. That includes the parking lot. Dangerous surfaces, slippery floors, incorrect signage and more may all have been a reason that led to your accident.

What Settlement Could I Be Entitled To?

Injuries suffered in Aldi slip and fall accidents can be severe and result in lost wages, lost future wages, medical costs, mental anguish, pain and more. We’ve seen injuries as serious as broken bones and back and neck injuries. In these cases, grocery store accident cases reach as high as six-figure payouts.

Whether you’ve suffered a minor or a life-changing injury, it’s worth contacting an Aldi Personal Injury Attorney so you can file a claim to help you recover from an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Types of Aldi Slip and Fall Evidence?

To show Aldi’s negligence, we’ll need to provide as much evidence as possible. Thankfully, Aldi stores are lined with CCTV and witnesses to help your case.

  • Third-Party Reports (Ambulance, doctors and pharmacist reports)
  • Digital Media (CCTV or Phone Recordings)
  • Previous Injury Claim Reports against Aldi
  • Eyewitness Reports from staff or other customers
  • Consultant and Expert Analysis

If you haven’t filled out an incident report yet, then you should return to the store to do so immediately. Delayed reports can lead to a loss of evidence.

Why Hire an Aldi Slip and Fall Attorney?

If you’ve been the victim of an Aldi Slip and Fall, then you shouldn’t tackle the legal matters alone. Aldi has vast experience in the personal injury claims and they’ll exploit you if you’re not backed by an experienced Aldi slip and fall attorney.

Aldi slip and fall lawyers will handle all the complex legal work involved to give you a realistic chance of recovering the damages you deserve. A reputable Aldi Slip and Fall Attorney will:

  • Deal directly with Aldi, the claims representatives and lawyers;
  • Investigate your claim and protect the evidence, such as CCTV footage and witness information;
  • Be equipped to confidently manage the complexities of an Aldi Slip and Fall case;
  • Identify all damages you’ve suffered, from medical bills to lost wages.
  • Direct your medical treatment and watch your bills.
  • Be your advocate from start to finish.
  • Give you the best shot at winning the compensation you deserve.

Hire an Aldi Injury Attorney

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In personal injury claims, time is of the essence. You must contact an Aldi slip and fall attorney as soon as possible. There is no reason to feel guilty or embarrassed if you think you shouldn’t have fallen so easily. The store should have kept you safe.

Regardless of how severe your injuries are, make sure you contact St. Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas to get started on your Aldi accident claim.

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