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Does the At-Fault Party Have Bodily Injury Coverage?

When we’re handling automobile accidents, we get a lot of questions regarding insurance. One of the biggest issues with insurance is whether or not the at-fault party has bodily injury liability coverage. What does that mean? That’s coverage that the at-fault party or the party that caused the accident has to protect the injured party and those would be our clients and the injured party. Oftentimes the at fault party has minimal bi liability coverage and so we will have to look elsewhere to try to get the insurance coverage necessary to recover on behalf of our clients. Some of those areas we look towards is whether or not the at-fault party was at the time, uh, an active Uber driver or Lyft driver, um, or whether or not the at-fault party was during, uh, driving during the course and scope of their business. Another way we go about trying to find more insurance coverage is whether or not our client, the victim in the Po in the accident carries underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. This is an important coverage in Florida because Florida law says that drivers do not have to carry any amounts of bodily injury liability coverage. So that’s when the uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage kicks in, and it’s very important. So those are just a few examples of how we look for different types of insurance to help our clients.

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