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Have You Been Involved in a Bicycle Accident on 9th Street in St Petersburg?

Have you been or know somebody who has been involved in a bicycle accident on 9th street in St. Petersburg? It seems like once a month there is some sort of either fatality, bicycle accident or some sort of pretty significant accident involving a bicyclist and a motor vehicle. The city of St Pete has implemented an essential diet for the MLK, a thoroughfare from about 30th Avenue all the way down to downtown in hopes that they can make bicycle safety of paramount importance along that thoroughfare. However, it does not seem to have worked over the past few months. Just this month there was another fatality on 9th street in St. Petersburg involving a bicyclist. So what is going on? Why are we having all of these issues along that thoroughfare? Well, one issue is whether or not the operators of the motor vehicles, whether it be cars or trucks are paying attention.

It makes people wonder, Hey, are they texting and driving? Well, I know we just had the law passed and just went into effect that now texting and driving as a primary offense. What does that mean? That means a law enforcement officer can pull somebody over just for suspecting, texting while driving. But I think the issue is a little more deep than just texting and driving as it relates to bicycle deaths and bicycle safety. I believe that there should be some more training and some education on behalf of the motor vehicle operators out there to make sure that they know that the city of st Pete is going to be bicycle friendly just by going from two lanes to one lane and having cross walks there does not necessarily mean that everybody’s going to be aware of these new changes. And so there should be some effort by the city of st Pete to issue some educational information related to these crosswalks and uh, these road diets as they’re called, where they’re going from two lanes to one and slowing the flow of traffic down because although the bicyclist may be operating exactly as they’re supposed to, uh, in these crosswalks, the bicycle lanes, unfortunately they’re the ones that are in the most exposed position when it’s bicycle versus an automobile.

So we deal with these cases all the time. Where a bicyclist, I was struck by a motor vehicle. Um, and if that has happened to you or a loved one, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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