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How Much Are Emotional Damages Worth after a Personal Injury Accident?

The topic of this video is how much are emotional damages worth after a personal injury accident. So these types of damages occur primarily in either automobile accidents or motorcycle accidents and our clients day in and day out are diagnosed with either anxiety or PTSD following the accident. And it really is a legitimate problem for the client. Uh, I hear many of my clients tell me, hey, after the accident I had a tough time driving. Uh, I was anxious, I had issues. Uh, I was constantly looking over my shoulder to see if I was going to be rear-ended again on a motorcycle. Same thing. I was scared to drive, I was paranoid. So, uh, these issues occur very frequently, but here’s the problem in reality as far as recovering damages, although there may be emotional issues after an accident, if you do not get checked out by a doctor and diagnosed with either anxiety or PTSD or some other type of, uh, some other type of ailment, you simply are not going to be recovery able to recover any money.

So the insurance companies, although it sounds good maybe to a jury, the reality is very few of these cases make, make their way to a jury and therefore it’s simply an insurance adjuster evaluating the value of your case. And if they do not see medication for maybe antidepressants or antianxiety medication, if they do not see a diagnosis and if they do not see counseling, they simply are not going to pay any money for those emotional damages. And that’s the reality of the situation. Despite the fact that these emotional damages exist, they are verifiable. I believe my clients day in and day out, again, unless an insurance company is going to voluntarily pay for that, uh, which is unlikely, they just simply are not worth that much. So my advice to my clients when I do hear issues related to anxiety or PTSD following an auto or motorcycle accident, go see someone, see a psychiatrist, it go to your general practitioner, at least get a diagnosis and sent off for some medication.

Or there are tons of counselors out there that are willing to treat people. Primarily, we send that through their health insurance rather than, uh, through the pip insurance. But there are tons of counselors available on health insurance, health insurance plans. And so if the, if the emotional damages are, are to the point where someone needs to see a professional do it, that’s really the only way that, uh, you are going to recover some type of financial damages as a result of the accident case. So hopefully that answers the question about how much emotional damages are worth after a personal injury accident.

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