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Surveillance as it Relates to Personal Injury Type Cases

This video is going to cover surveillance as it relates to personal injury type cases. There are two general types of surveillance we see in personal injury cases. The first surveillance and oftentimes the most relevant, uh, is social media surveillance. Rest assured that insurance companies investigating your claim will be mining your social media accounts after a claim is made. So think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of these social media accounts are ripe for online surveillance by insurance companies. We always advise our clients to be very careful about what they post after an accident or an injury claim on their social media accounts and be cognizant that people will be looking at these posts and an effort to try to spin them against you and your case and try to devalue your case based upon those social media accounts. So those are very important issues that we need to factor in and be aware of when we’re handling a personal injury claim.

The second type of surveillance is the typical surveillance most people think of, which is the video or photographic surveillance. Now after an auto accident, we have a lot of clients that come in and think they’re being surveilled right then, right after the auto accident. This typically is unlikely because it’s very expensive to conduct this type of surveillance for the insurance companies. And most of the time, this type of surveillance only occurs after a lawsuit is filed. And so, uh, when we talk about surveillance, we’re looking at online surveillance and we’re looking at video and photographic surveillance. All of these things you need to be cognizant about and how this may impact your case. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office directly and we can help you through any questions you may have related to surveillance.

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