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The Amount of Pedestrians Been Injured by Cars in Pinellas County Is an Epidemic

The subject of this video is to address the number of pedestrians being injured in car accidents on the roads in Pinellas county lately. So as of the time of this video, it is March, 2019. It is springtime and the weather is beautiful here in Florida. However, it seems like every single day there is a newspaper story where there is a TV report about a pedestrian being struck in either killed or seriously injured on the roads in Pinellas county and it has become an epidemic. Now the reasons for this increase in accidents I think are, are somewhat clear first, whether it’s nice, a lot of people are coming to Pinellas county for vacation. We have a lot of out of towners, a lot of tourists, and then a lot of snowbirds. Uh, so there are more people in general on the roads, thus increasing the likelihood of a car accident with a pedestrian next.

Pinellas County is already one of the, I think it is the densely pot most populated county in Florida. So with all those people walking around on the streets in a densely populated area, again, it’s increasing the likelihood of accidents. And then the final element that I’ve observed in all of these news stories is that most of the time alcohol seems to be involved. Now, whether it’s the person out walking the pedestrian or whether it’s the driver, uh, again, alcohol-related pedestrian accidents, uh, is really a significant concern. So hopefully you have not been involved in an accident with an as a pedestrian or with a pedestrian. But if you are, and you’ve got some questions about your legal rights and obligations, please feel free to call us. Uh, we offer free consultations for those services as well.

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