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What Is a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case?

This video is what is a deposition in a personal injury case. Now, depositions are extremely common. They’re standard practice in virtually every type of lawsuit, whether it be civil or even criminal and especially in personal injury cases. So if you have a lawsuit that is pending and you receive a notice for deposition or you hear your lawyer talking about a possible deposition, you may ask, well what exactly is that? And so that’s the purpose of this video. Deposition is only a series of questions that are asked under oath. That’s it. A lawyer brings you in and just ask you questions. So it is supposed to be informational and fact informational gathering, in fact-finding. And it’s really as simple as that. Now, during a meeting or during a deposition, uh, from time to time, there may be objections from your lawyer or from the other lawyer as to the form of the question.

Yeah. But unless somebody instructs you or a witness not to answer, you go ahead and answer. And so it’s really as simple as going in and telling your side of the story and answering the questions that are asked. Now, in a specifically in a personal injury case, depositions are normally asked of either the plaintiff, so if it’s you that has filed the lawsuit questions of you and then any other witnesses in the case. So for example, in a car accident case, most likely the, the at-fault driver will be deposed if the police arrived, the officer will be deposed, and then any other witnesses in the case. And it’s just standard, it’s just information gathering. It’s one of the first steps of a personal injury case. And as the case gets farther and farther along, then the extent of the depositions really expand. So maybe there’ll be some medical professionals that are deposed. So all of this, like I said, is fact-finding. It’s a precursor to trial and it really helps both parties learn more about the other side’s case. So hopefully that answers the question about what is a deposition.

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