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What is Personal Injury Protection?

So handling many automobile accidents for our clients over the years. Uh, we often get questions that sometimes go under the radar because we deal with it every day. One of the biggest questions we get is what is personal injury protection or PIP benefits in the state of Florida? PIP benefits are those that are also referred to as no-fault coverage. That means its insurance that you have, uh, on your automobile policy that says, doesn’t matter who’s at fault, you’ve got $10,000 to address, uh, injuries that you receive as a result of an automobile accident regardless of fault. That’s why it’s called no fault. And so what happens is when you get in an automobile accident, some people are concerned because they either don’t have health insurance or don’t know whether or not there’s a liability issue or that fall to someone else at fault. So that’s when PIP steps in. Now, there’s been a lot of talk, uh, over the past few years, uh, up by the lawmakers as to whether or not to do away with PIP. But as we’re here today, uh, in 2019, PIP is still alive and well and available for victims of automobile accidents or people who have been in automobile accidents and maybe even at fault. So utilize that PIP, go out, get checked out, make sure that you’re not injured, and your PIP can take care of that for you.

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