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What to Do if You Believe You've Pinched a Nerve in a Car Accident?

The topic of this video is what to do if you believe you’ve pinched a nerve in a car accident. Now, if you’ve been to a doctor, it is unlikely that you will have received the diagnosis of a pinched nerve simply because that’s a layman’s term. So for example, if you’ve been in a car accident and you felt some type of pain in your back or your neck, you may have “pinched a nerve”, but there’ll be a medical cause for, for that, uh, type of injury. So for example, a pinched nerve just generally means that something is causing either irritation or pressing or affecting one of your spinal nerves. Now your Dr. May have mentioned pinched nerve, but it’s really, like I said, it’s just a layman’s term. So what I’ve, I’ve brought here is, uh, an example of a spinal of a spine. I’ve used this in previous videos, but one of the most common causes of a “pinched nerve” is a herniated disc. And in this,

I don’t know if you can see here, so these are the, the yellowish marks here. These are the spinal nerves. The nerve roots. Then of course, these are the discs and these are the vertebrae. And if you can see that red part right there, that represents a herniated disc. And what has happened is there’s a protrusion of the cartilage that separates the vertebrae and it irritates or presses on that spinal nerve that is a pinched nerve in layman’s terms. So that’s really the most common example that we see in car accidents are herniated discs that somehow affect the nerves, radiate pain, numbness, uh, cause tingling, maybe even Sciatica. So if you have experienced any of those symptoms following a car accident, please do not self diagnose yourself with a pinched nerve. There really is no value for a pinched nerve. What I suggest all my clients do is go see a medical professional that specializes in car accidents, get it diagnosis from that doctor. What will likely, uh, what the doctor will likely do, send you off for an MRI, uh, so that, uh, uh, there would be a diagnostic view of that injury. And then, uh, we are able to produce a, a claim to the insurance company for the value of that injury. So that’s basically what a pinched nerve is and what to do if you think you’ve had a pinched nerve after a car accident.

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