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When Is It Time to Get a Lawyer Involved in Your Car Accident Case?

When is it time to get a lawyer involved in your car accident case? Now, I know many people out there struggle with this because they in their heads, they think to themselves, well I know I was injured in this auto accident. I know the other party didn’t intend to cause this accident. And so I don’t want to go through the steps of getting a personal injury attorney or a car accident attorney involved in this case because it’s going to go from, hey, we could probably work this out to something much more contentious. And I understand that and I appreciate that. And I know a lot of people have that sentiment that hey, let’s try to work this out on our own. But there are certain times when you know that a claim, it’s just simply not processing right. Something is wrong and you really need to get a car accident attorney involved.

And so some of those steps are right off the bat. If you’re, if you were having problems with the other driver’s insurance company, get making repairs to your car, you know, there’s something wrong with the system, uh, PR. And normally what happens is the other driver is either not accepting responsibility or they’re not responding to their insurance company. And so if that happens, you know there’s something wrong, you’re probably should speak to a lawyer and you know that you’ll get that feeling right off the bat. Another, another area where we often see problems, clients come to us, hey, I need help with this is when your own insurance company is not paying your pip claims, now they should be paying those bills immediately. It should be a pip application that should be filled out. It should be easy. They should be paying those bills and not, uh, not causing an issue.

But when there is a problem, those bills get delayed. You get a call from your doctor, Hey, you know, the bills aren’t getting paid. You’re going to have to pay this out of pocket. Then you know, something is going on. And again, it’s just speculation as to what it is. But it’s a good idea to get a car accident lawyer involved to speak to the adjuster to try to straighten out those issues. And in a worst case scenario, perhaps pursue some type of legal action against your own carrier to force them to pay those bills. So that’s the second area. The last area that, uh, that comes about that I always say it’s time to time to get a lawyer involved is if the other insurance carriers adjuster is not returning your phone call, you’ve tried to email them, fax them, call them, and they’re just simply not getting back with you and you feel like you’re getting jerked around.

And that is a pretty common, um, experience because that other insurance party really has no obligation to you. All they care about is getting the claim resolved on behalf of their insured, working with them and you know, trying to do as minimal as possible to make you happy. So if you’re simply not getting a response again in your gut and you know that something is not going right, contact a car accident lawyer and at least sit down for a consultation to see, hey, yeah, is it time to get involved? And you really, they’re really no time implications. I mean, it can happen immediately. It could happen six, seven months down the road whenever, whenever it happens, and you get that gut feeling, contact a car accident attorney. So hopefully that answers the question about when you should be getting a, uh, car accident lawyer involved, uh, after to pursue any type of case.

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