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Who Pays for My Medical Bills After a Bicycle Accident?

So the question was posed, who pays for my medical bills after a bicycle accident? Now this question is really pertinent in Pinellas County, Florida because of our weather. We have absolutely a ton of bicycles on the roads. In fact, if you’re watching this video and you’re from Pinellas County every Saturday morning, I’m sure you’ve seen the packs of bicycles and bicycle bicyclists clubs, uh, riding around on the streets together. So again, outdoor activity activities here in Pinellas are very common. So we get this question a lot because unfortunately, we have a lot of bicycle accidents. So as far as medical bills go, if you are hit and injured while you are riding your bicycle first, I’m sorry, but in terms of who pays first, if you have a vehicle, if you own your own car, you have motor vehicle insurance, you then will be covered through PIP worthy.

Nope, no-fault insurance and no fault will pay 80% of your bills up to $10,000. So that’s first. You look at your own policy. If you do not have a, uh, a car, you’re riding a bike. You were struck. You don’t own a car, but you live with somebody. It’s called a resident relative who does have a car. You then will qualify for those same PIP or no-fault benefits under their policy. Same deal. 80% of the bills up to $10,000. Third situation, if you don’t have a car, if you don’t live with somebody that owns a car, then the car that hit you is responsible to pay your medical bills. Same thing, pip. No fault. Doesn’t matter if the car blames you for the accident or whether the car was at fault there. Motor vehicle insurance kicks in and will pay 80% of the bills up to $10,000.

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