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What do you do if you've been injured in a car accident in Gulf port Florida? So Gulf port is near and dear to our hearts here at St Petersburg Personal Injury Attorneys McQuaid & Douglas because most of us spent three years of our lives at Stetson College of Law in Gulf Port. In fact, I lived in the Golf Club Apartments right across the street from Stetson for three years. So I know Gulf port extremely well. Also, our office is on central Avenue and we are literally what a 32nd drive from Gulf port. So we get a ton of clients, uh, who are injured in Gulf port, usually residents of Gulf port. It's not, there's not a whole lot of through traffic. Uh, and I, I'd, I'd imagine that we are the number one law firm as far as handling car accident cases in Gulf port in Pinellas County.

So that being said, we're intimately familiar with the types of car accidents that occur in Gulf port, how to find, how to find proper medical attention, where to send people, and then also the value of the claims. On the back end. So I guess let's just start at the top. If you've been injured in a car accident and in Gulfport, uh, as you well know, there are no hospitals in Gulfport. You'll probably have to go to either palms of Pasadena or a lot of our clients go to st Anthony's or Bay front. So get yourself emergency medical care at the hospital. Um, if it's not hospital worthy, then at least go to an ER, an urgent care center. There are several urgent care centers in the West st Petersburg area. There's one right on Tyrone Boulevard that a lot of our clients go to professional, urgent care.

In any event, um, try to get yourself seen as quickly as possible on an emergency medical basis. And then a step number two is you'll have to find someone to provide continuing follow up care. So there are a lot of orthopedic doctors in town. Unfortunately they're not going to be in a Gulf port. Most of your doctors are going to be throughout the rest of the County. Uh, there are many qualified doctors that handle car accident cases in st Petersburg. There are a couple on central and on fourth street. So, once you contact a car accident attorney, they can definitely steer you in the right direction as far as who to follow up. If you need an orthopedic specialist, if you need some type of chiropractic or physical therapy. Again, your options in Gulf port are limited. Most of our clients who live in Gulf port and get into accidents there do treat somewhere in Western or Southern.

Uh, uh, st Petersburg. There are a lot of facilities on 66th street, uh, and on central Avenue that our clients go to. But again, uh, if you have any questions regarding a reputable chiropractor or physical therapist, we encourage you to contact us and then the next step in the process is you treat. Um, and I imagine at some point you'll be looking for a, uh, car accident attorney to handle that Gulf port car accident claim. And we are happy to consult with you. Our consultations are always free. Uh, finally, because we handle so many car accident claims in Gulfport, we know generally the value of each claim. So if you're in an accident, there are no broken bones, bones and it's just a conservative care treatment, then your case is not going to be worth as much money. It that as if you had a more intrusive procedures such as an injection or even a surgery. So here at Saint Petersburg, personal injury attorneys, McQuaid and Douglas, we, uh, we have worked with virtually every medical provider in the area. We have handled every type of car accident case that has occurred in Gulf port and we are happy to speak to you and give you recommendations and hopefully, you feel comfortable with us and retain us as your lawyers.

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