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After an accident, when should you speak to a Saint Petersburg car accident attorney? So if you've been in a car accident and you're watching this video trying to find an attorney that suits you, my advice to you is to contact a lawyer and speak to them as soon as possible after the accident. And I know that's pretty basic sounds cliche, but it really is the honest best advice that I can give because there are certain timeframes that affect your case that you just simply may not know about that may come back to haunt you after the after the fact. One of the areas is a gap in treatment. Uh, day in and day out. I have, I under, I come across this problem with my insurance claims after a Saint Petersburg car accident where a person may not have gone to the hospital immediately, may have delayed a few days and getting medical treatment or maybe there are other gaps in treatment.

For example, maybe they went to their primary care doctor and uh, the doctor to simply does not handle car accident cases in Saint Petersburg. And so then they have to look for someone else who specializes well, those gaps in treatment can come back to negatively effect the value of your claim. And in fact, they normally do. In fact, uh, one of the reasons I, uh, I, uh, prompted me to shoot this video was I got an offer yesterday on a case where I had a client who was in a drug Rehab facility and he was injured in a, uh, a transport van. Well, the drug Rehab facility didn't allow him to go immediately to the hospital until the following day. And sure enough, the insurance adjuster, uh, put in her offer to me that there was a delay in going to the emergency room for one day and they were negatively impacting the value of the case because of that.

So, I mean, they just look for any type of reason to ding the value of your case. So speaking to the Saint Petersburg car accident attorney upfront, we'll help you, uh, again advise you about the timing sensitivity of getting into treatment, who to get into treatment with, and then continuing on in that treatment. Now there's also a second time sensitivity issue and that's through the Florida's pip or no fault laws. So you have to get a what is called an emergency medical condition certification, uh, by a doctor within 14 days of the date of the accident in order to unlock your full $10,000 worth of pip benefits to pay for your medical bills after a car accident. So if you have delayed treatment or you've, um, you've been passed from one doctor to another and you miss that window, then you can be, uh, you could be out of that I'm out of that benefit that you've already paid for.

So, uh, again, time sensitivity is an issue. And then lastly, another reason why it's good to get in with a Saint Petersburg car accident attorney rather quickly is to find a doctor that specializes in car accident cases. And I used the example earlier about, uh, your primary care physician that just simply does not handle car accidents. And the reason they don't is because of all the complexities and the roadblocks that the insurance companies throw up for them. So if you speak to a car accident attorney that has experience and knows the doctors in the area and it's worked with the doctors in the area, boom, they can pass you on to doctor, hopefully get you in that same day. So again, at the end of the day, if you have not spoken to someone at, because you were unsure about whether you're going to pursue a case or a one reason or another, I still think it's good to at least call and speak to a lawyer.

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